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Very good sword

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Wonder where it will end.




Front: "Yumekai Kannon carved by Ichi Miyaguchi Saijuhiro, 59 years old"

Ura: ``Exhibited at the 2nd Sword Making Techniques Presentation for December Auspicious Day, 1955''


Kotobuki Swordsmith's real name was Shigeru Miyaguchi, and he studied under Shigetsugu Kasama Itsusai.

He succeeded to the third generation of Miyaguchi Ikkasai, a prestigious family that had continued since Shigeju at the end of the Edo period.

It is a top-class construction representative of the early Showa era and was called ``Miyaguchi Consistent Saijuhiro''.


Ranked with Teiji Takahashi, Sadakatsu Gassan, Toshihide Horii, and others in the ranking of holy swordsmiths

He is ranked among the ``sacred items'' of which there are only a few.


At the Japanese sword forge in the precincts of Yasukuni Shrine, one is ordered by the top chief swordsmith

He was active as a Yasukuni swordsmith and created the sword dedicated to the 700th anniversary of Emperor Gotoba.

When he resumed making swords after the war, several strokes had the inscription "Yasuhiro" from the Yasukuni swordsmith era

His personal signature, ``Juhiro,'' was used only for fine forging work.



This work is a culmination of the swordsmith Kotobuki's death, marking the year just before his death. I worked hard to improve myself in order to exhibit at the 2nd Sword Making Technology Presentation This is a masterpiece sword that was recognized for its wonderful workmanship and was selected for the selection. The length of the blade is 2 shaku, 3 sun, 5 minutes, and the waist is deeply curved, the width and stacking of the body giving it an extremely magnificent body. A statue of Yumeji Kannon is placed on the front side, and deep carvings of Sanskrit characters and a lotus pedestal are carved inside the chest on the back side. It has a powerful and dignified personality as it swings the gutter and gutter from above the waist. For training that shows the wavy cedar-like scenery in some places in the narrow planks As for the ground boiling dust, there are often stepped hot springs and boiling reflections in the ground, The blade pattern has an original double-edged pattern, mixed with small cloves It boils well, the leaf-filled metal streaks are active, and the ground blade is bright and clear. This is a spectacular masterpiece that shows the unique skill that only Kotobuki Swordsmith could achieve. Of course, it is a genuine work that comes with a preservation sword certificate from 2019. Comes with a special valuable sword certificate from 1962 and a copy of the sword art from 1955 You can tell at a glance that this work was selected for the 2nd Sword Making Technology Presentation. It is also housed in the finest gold-plated double habaki and amber-colored tiger heather white scabbard. It is also an exquisite sword that can be used as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and exorcise evil. By the master swordsmith ``Miyaguchi Ichitsu Saijuhiro'' who served as the chief blacksmith of Yasukuni swordsmith This is the culmination of his hard work in preparation for exhibiting at an exhibition in his later years, and was successfully selected. Please cherish this masterpiece sword, which is exquisite in appearance, carving, and base blade, as an heirloom for many years to come


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