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Ressei menpo request informations


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I share with you an menpo from my collection for which I require your help.

it is an unsigned Edo period ressei menpo, very expressive of which I do not know the school.09B4FD54-E3D2-447C-AA95-3A300C052216.thumb.jpeg.c331c339d5d368514ee88986e83301b1.jpeg

In natural iron, it has a very prominent upper lip (the mustache is missing) the teeth are silver lacquered and it has a wide sweat running hole and a otayori.


What is your opinion about the school and the period (early to late Edo?).

If you know of other similar menpo?

Thank you in advance.


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Bevor you sell it to Simon, let's try me approach your questions ;-)


First, it's a quite nice me-no-shita-men. The chin part reminds me of some Mito works, but I need to do a little homework first.....


Will come back to this asap!

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I couldn't find a similar reference piece (actually no surprice). So all we can say for the time beeing is, that it's most likely a Myôchin work of the mid/late Edo period.

Sorry can't be more specific....

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