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  1. Is there anyone in New York who would forward the package to Europe ?
  2. Back when I was collecting swords, I specialized in Yasutsugu. I've had quite a few. From the 1st generation to the 3rd generation. I can only confirm years later that if the sword - Yasutsugu does not have NBTHK (new), it is 99.9999% fake. especialy in Japan
  3. what told you : nihonto art ?
  4. yes, you are wrong, not mori, but WATANABE


    yes EU , any size
  6. toooo much sake , better beeru
  7. better try Robert Soanes , UK
  8. So I'll write it hard when the others didn't have the courage. Any investment in this low level is a waste of money. So if for any reason you decide to throw away money, then only R. Soanes in UK , the others are useless.
  9. available again. for better understanding. You will send the sword to Japan yourself. We will take care of the rest of the matter. You get the sword back. price for one item 200 euros. No discussion here, if you are interested, write me a message.
  10. somehow I miss, what is special about this?
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