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Mon on Showato?

george trotter

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I bet the owners were just as proud of their blades as the owners of what we now call Gendaito blades.  And they may have worked as well, too.


Thanks for the feedback guys.

I think those "mon bearing" showato were indeed the pride of their owners. When a showato cost about 70-80 yen (about a month's salary?) and the owner had it mounted in pierced tsuba and say 6 seppa with mon (another 50 yen?), it is fair to say that they loved their sword. Of course the "better off" class could afford an RJT of other gendaito (maybe double the cost?) and then of course there were those who could afford a Yasukuni sword, blade only was about 180 yen.

So, while there are those among we collectors who only collect gendai gunto, it does not mean showato are held in contempt by us...we just collect what we collect. Even ME...I still regret selling a showato (seki stamped blade by Okada Kanesada) with a fantastic large hako-midare hamon that went from the habaki up to midway on the blade and then changed to chu-suguba for the rest (like koto Tomonari). Yes a seki showato, but I should have kept it.


About showato with mon having pierced tsuba, I can't answer that, that is for the showato owners to reply to.


So, there is no doubt showato have mon...now for RJT (I think yes) and Rinji Seishiki mounts (don't know).


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