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Prototype Mantetsu Army Officer's Sword For Sale

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For Sale:  Difficult-to-find Japanese WW2 South Manchurian Railway katana.  This sword has been described by some as the 'Prototype' Mantetsu sword--these were the first Mantetsu.  This sword was made in spring of 1939--the last months that Mantetsu were marked with the symbol of the South Manchurian Railway.  Like their eventual change to Mantetsu swords in 1939, these Railway symbol-marked swords have an 'N574' (or other Arabic/numeric combination) on the mune.  They have the suguha temper line. 


This sword is offered at AUCTION in my Store on eBay.  The auction ends this Sunday evening.  Between now and the day before the auction is scheduled to end, I will consider trade plus cash offers for this sword.  The cash-only price is $4995 firm.  If I am to take a trade plus cash for the sword, remember that I will need to sell the sword trade-in--so would need a trade/cash equivalent of greater than $5k.  Cash is king in this case. 


Here it the link:



Let me know if you have any questions!

















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The last photo above looks like a Monster Shingunto tsuba!!  A friend also has a Shingunto with a whopping bigger-than-usual tsuba.  Anyone know anything about them???



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This rare South Manchuria Railway katana has sold. 


Comes this week though--a second SMR sword!  I bought a second sword from a guy that contacted me, because he said that he had a sword with the same railway symbol on the nakago.  This second sword has no saya so I will be selling it for less at $4500 so that the buyer can afford to search for a military saya for it. 

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