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Lee Bray

Shipping sword from Czech Republic

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Anyone have experience or knowledge on shipping swords out of the Czech Republic?

I've potentially bought one there but the owner is now saying that swords are classed as weapons and cannot be exported, though he has found one method which will cost $500, possibly more.


Thanks for any help.

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After hearing back from both Fedex and UPS Czech branches, it looks like it's impossible.



Nice shakudo tsuba from the Yoshioka school with superb nanako and gold kirimon on the mimi.

Reasonable looking, long wakizashi with bo-hi one side and futasuji-hi on the other...and is currently used for butchery on a farm...

Oh well...

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I would speak to either Pavel Bolf (swordsmith) or Roman Urban in the Czech republic. They will know how to do it, even if it means asking one of them to hold it for you for a while until someone can hand carry it out to a country that can ship it.

Also, Czech out (sorry, couldn't resist) EMS post, as they don't have a problem with swords generally.

There is always a way.



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Sorry to hear about your problem. I also had a problem recently with a sword returning from Japan after polish to Sweden. The sender tried to send it by EMS but the parcel were rejected because it was illegal to send "weapons" to Sweden. If it was an AK-47 I was trying to import without the proper paper work, damn right it would've been illegal. However regarding edged weapons knives, nihonto or even "china-tanas" there are no restrictions from the swedish side. Instead of EMS the parcel were sent by Fedex and were delivered with no problems whatsoever. What worries me is I've heard lately even Fedex refuses to carry swords? I think these issues is more of a carrier issue than problems with National laws even if I'm sure there are a few countries were these kind of items are prohibited. To be honest I can't imagine what the carrier would be afraid of? Ever heard of a terrorist ninja grabbing a nihonto from the cargo room in an aeroplane jumping out screaming kiai and hijacking the plane or any postal services anywhere in the world having a major problem with employees getting hurt by well packed nihonto in transit? Ridiculous!!! But of course it's an easy way of "sharpen" up security without having to do anything.




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Thanks, Brian, and co.. I forgot Roman is in the Czech Republic, thought he was in Poland.

I'll send him a message today as I'm on speaking terms with him; don't know Pavel Bolf although I've seen his work.

Fingers crossed.

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Just for an update, this has proven to be not possible.

Roman tells me he has no experience in shipping blades and Pavel declined to answer either myself or the Czech owner.

So, unfortunately, the sword will stay in the Czech republic on butchering duty.



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Interesting topic.

I have been living in the Czech Republic for 4 years now, but never shipped out any swords.


The passed days I did some asking around.

These are my findings:
First of all the main site of the Czech postal office, package department. This is the direct link (in English): https://www.ceskaposta.cz/rady-a-navody/nedovoleny-obsah-zasilek
As you can see, weapons or nor listed as prohibited items, nor as restricted items:
Prohibited and restricted goods We refuse to carry any of the illegal or harmful items listed below:
  1. explosives,
  2. radioactive substances,
  3. narcotic and psychotropic substances,
  4. poisonous and caustic substances,
  5. infectious biological substances,
  6. solid carbon dioxide,
  7. pressure vessels, compressed or liquid gases and gas solutions,
  8. biological agents and toxins, oxidising, flammable and other chemical substances and preparations which are classified as dangerous under section 2 of the Act No. 157/1998 Coll., on chemical substances and chemical preparations and on modification of certain other laws, as amended, the Decree No. 474/2002 Coll., which implements the Act No. 281/2002 Coll., on certain measures connected with the prohibition of bacteriological (biological) and toxin weapons and on modification of the Trade Act,
  9. living vertebrates.
Restricted goods (things we can carry but with restrictions)

Any of the following items may be posted providing it meets all our requirements for acceptance of the item:

  1. perishable biological substances are mailable providing that should the substance deteriorate, it will neither cause an obnoxious odour, nuisance or disturbance nor leak through the package of the item,
  2. living animals other than vertebrates are mailable providing that they will not require a special care and attention during delivery,
  3. easy-to-break goods are mailable in special package protecting the goods from harm during standard handling of the item,
  4. liquids are mailable provided they are properly packed to prevent any leakage through the package of the item.

Coins or banknotes, precious metals or stones, securities, jewels and similar things of value are mailable only if expressly permitted by the conditions of the selected service.

I did check with the local office and they confirmed. The only issue they could think of was the import tax that you will have to pay to customs, which can be steep.
I have also contacted the main shipping services local dispatches (DHL, UPS, …) and they transport weapons without issues as well.
Maybe you could also contact these companies, producing weapons in the Czech Republic and exporting worldwide and see what comment they have.
http://www.myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=29579 (comment on the excellent shipping service from Wulflund)
This is the theoretical part: I am afraid it is now in the hands of the seller to take the decision and necessary steps.
Hoping this was helpful,
Best regards,
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Thanks for the information, Wouter, much appreciated.

I was in negotiations with the sword owner's friend, for the sake of translation, so perhaps he did not press the matter.

I'm not going to pursue the sword so perhaps you would like the owner's contacts with regard to buying the sword yourself?

If you're interested, PM me your email so I can send some pics and his contacts.

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