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  1. Well, with a heavy heart I'm listing this to cover funeral expenses. 💔 Will donate to the board when possible.. $1300 plus whatever fees applicable
  2. Anything from this school is worth restoring and papering IMHO. I'm a big fan - looks nice in a need of restoration. I doubt it's a gimei but photos would be nice Cheers J.
  3. That's all great and sincere. Sucks for the seller... J.
  4. Great one. My favorite Shinto works. Congrats J.
  5. I personally like Jumyo and I own several of them - mostly signed with horimono. The blades usually are made for life longevity among other blessings. Here, you'll learn a lot of useful information as to how to approach nihonto however I disagree with some folks' pricing complaints as that creates an additional discrepancies across the board but - different subject. As what some say - the sword will pick you rather than the other way around. And of course check the for sale section. The sellers are knowledgeable and trustworthy. I wish you success. J.
  6. I also don't think this an authentic Japanese blade although the nakago hints at that. Just my opinion. J.
  7. If NTHK arrive to the Chicago show this year, I'd bring it there. At this level the paper is what matters IMHO, otherwise you could go the NBTHK route which will cost about $400-500 extra. J.
  8. And if it is Yosozaemon then you scored a nice little gem... J.
  9. As Jussi mentioned - yes, Bizen, yes - authentic (rarely (if at all) anyone would fake a signature of such piece And put a date on it), no - it is not mass produced sword (look at the overall quality of hada + hamon). Definitely worth sending for shiage (it might not even need that as there are no kizu or any issues whatsoever) just to bring out the hamon and hada better and then send it to be papered. Similar dated Sukesada wakizashi from the same era were advertised on Aoi website for about 5k. It is a good work made during war times when many blades had to be produced as the demand was high, however most were inferior to the standard and mostly unsigned or signed but by the pupils of the smith. Signed and dated works from those years usually (but not always) speak for 'special' order which gives me extra confidence of its authenticity. J.
  10. It depends on the smith IMHO. Having a matching (and hopefully dated) set with matching koshirae increases the value way more than them sold separately. There are a lot of people that have a different take on that But I firmly believe that. Think of sudare ba by Yoshimichi Yokoyama Sukenaga Yasutsugu nanbantetsu etc etc. John
  11. I wish you health and prosperity! John
  12. The lines separating the 'upper' and 'lower' part of your blade look amazingly crisp. I certainly hope you have read how to preserve it until you decide its fate. It looks very healthy IMHO assuming the brown spots are not deep rust! J.
  13. Maybe you guys could help me find one but it has to be over 70cm. Unpapered is fine. Thank you John
  14. My car takes 7 quarts of oil so every 7k-10k miles! J.
  15. Appreciate that. I ordered it already. So in what interval do you suggest I 'change' the oil? J.
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