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  1. The description says - attributed to shinto.. 😁 J.
  2. If I were to be 20 and familiar with the language - most certainly! Cheers. J.
  3. That's what matters. Keep in mind there are few strokes that are missing in your signature however based on the Jacques example I'd say it looks pretty close - hamon and hada.. Cheers J.
  4. A picture of the hada will answer all questions... J
  5. The fact that he was the most prolific smith of the Shinto era, I believe, was because he could work in many of the 'old' styles. Older works did have midare with togari-ba and later his signature chu-suguha. I've seen some notare examples also and mine is a total Shizu utsushi! Needless to say - personally - my most favorite Shinto smith. As for your blade, my gut tells me gimei but I'm hoping I'm wrong. Cheers. J.
  6. Hello See attached. The black and white photo is my Gojo Tadayoshi. Cheers http://www.sho-shin.com/shinto-hizen.html J
  7. I hope I'm not seeing hagire.. otherwise tough to say but seems real from such limited resources I'd pass J.
  8. I take it. Love me some Kiyomaro imitations J
  9. Uma midare hamon? What school are you thinking @Rivkin Thanks in advance J.
  10. Thank you Sir. Yes. 😊 John
  11. Thank you Ray. Always there for everyone! 💯 🙏 J.
  12. 👋 Folks, Please tell me what is written there. I can make out Jumyo but that's that. Thank you in advance. J.
  13. Hello The blade you've posted is probably from the Aoi Art Museum. They are experts in the field and they are very straight forward (with very few exceptions). If the blade is signed and papered then you have no worries. If not, they usually say - we don't guarantee or they say - we believe it will pass hozon paper. So be it as it may - yes, there are gunome midare blades and there are suguha blades (consider that Sukesada swordsmiths have gazillion generations). The period when the blade was made along with all the other characteristics usually help immensely to have a thorough answer. One picture doesn't help much but that's what i think in the nutshell. Others will probably chime in also. Cheers J.
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