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  1. I wish I had all the time and knowledge John I appreciate all of your inputs! John
  2. Hello, I had this monster tachi on hold but it didn't produce anything so here it goes. Except for light surface scratches and light bruises from the shirosaya the blade is in amazing condition - no rust, no loose hada, no kizu. Just about perfect. 29 1/4 nagasa 7mm motogasane A big and thick blade. Repaired Crack on the shirosaya but absolutely nothing bad as it runs about 3-4" in length. I don't even know what to ask for it but I'll put it at $4600 plus paypal, free shipping to ConUS John
  3. I wish there were more threads as this one (regardless of photos VS holding the blade at hand). I can't express how much I have learned because of it. Cheers John
  4. Hello all, Yes, I am aware it is gimei but as I mentioned I purchased it because of the nakago shape and rust primarily. It is an old blade with beautiful hamon activity and very pronounced ji nie. I am debating about This blade and based on your replies i probably won't be bringing it to shinsa. Paying to hear what I already know is money thrown away... plus I have a considerable amount that Have to go through shinsa so this one will be resting on the wall of shame for the years to come I am not worried about it Cheers John
  5. If I manage to put everything together for shinsa, absolutely I would. It seems like papered items bring confidence.. John
  6. Thank you for your time!!! I got it because of the nakago rust/shape. The jigane is amazing and the inazuma is as nothing I have seen. As we all say - buy the blade, not the signature John
  7. Hola, Could you please help out at your leisure? I can't even see that close... Thank you all *prob gimei John
  8. Opposed to the majority's opinion, I think there are fantastic blades available either on ebay or even from personal sellers. What SUCKS is that people want mint, papered Yada Yada blade for wholesale or ridiculously low price. That doesn't make any logical sense. Why would they rate a swordsmith in gold or yen if their work goes for chump change??? Long subject I guess... John
  9. Munetoshi Thank you very very much Cheers John
  10. Hope everyone is well and healthy, Please help with last character as it gets me annoyed I can't find it. Mune? Thank you kindly John
  11. Hello, Time to change the atmosphere and open fresh air for my new acquisitions so here it goes. It isn't papered However I guarantee Hozon as it is or your money back. I am here for the long haul so definitely not looking to pull a fast one. The blade has no loose hada, no rust and IMHO a Japanese trained togishi probably wouldn't need to go back many stones to make it pristine. I see an amazing o gunome hamon and tightly kniw hada throughout and the boshi is still well preserved. No , this is Not kazu uchi mono judging by many factors. Also, many know that thin gasane was a trait for Sukesada at that period so as you may see not much has been 'shaved' off. I think it is a great and healthy blade that needs minimum to be pristine once again. Nagasa: 18" Motogasane: 5.1mm Mihaba: 27 mm Sakihaba: 22mm 2500 obo plus PP. Free shipping in the ConUS Cheers, John
  12. Hello, Just FYI , there's a 'Wanted to Buy' section which is very convenient and frequently followed by the sellers and dealers. Your post would get much more attention there ! Just a friendly reminder. Cheers, John
  13. Looks like a delightful study and depending on traditionally trained togishi's kantei, potentially worth restoring (based on my rookie eye) John
  14. Research it and then act. These don't show up often! John
  15. I'd be happy to see John
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