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  1. Awesome thank you!! I’ll try and get some better pics after the holiday.
  2. Just out of curiosity where can you purchase this?
  3. Lol no just to complete the look and to protect the Saya. But you never know........
  4. So while looking for a combat cover for my new Kyu-Gunto I found a dealer on eBay who makes them for the type 98. https://www.ebay.com/itm/324152543254Would these work for mine? Also does any one else know of a company or person who makes these?
  5. So with my blade in the kyu gunto mount being so much older would it be considered a nihonto? I tried to take a close up of the hada but to be honest I not 100 percent sure what I am looking for
  6. Sorry lol I was trying to be funny when creating a user name for this forum!! Pleasure to meet you and please excuse my ignorance but I have no idea what a hot stamp is lol
  7. Here are some more pics of the sword. Also if any one might have any info on this sword I would appreciate it! There is a mon on the handle if anyone knows what clan it belonged too??
  8. Hello everyone. I have been in to swords now for about 12 years. I have owned many Chinese shinken some custom made and others like Paul Chen and so forth. I finally purchased this sword off of eBay and it arrived today. Now when it comes to the seller I did my research here and I read the good along with the bad. Taking his feedback on eBay too I purchased it. I have always wanted a antique Japanese sword. His listing description was as follows. This is a Japanese Meiji to WWll Army officer`s sword in kyugunto mountings. The blade is unsigned, shinogi-zukuri shape, Edo time period ca.1700 era made family blade. The blade is in old polish, shows fine scratches but no rust, no stain and in good condition. The temper line is wavy gunome with choji temper and has deep temper at the point. There is no bend, no nick, no crack and cutting edge is sharp. The scabbard is chromed metal scabbard, shows minor oxidations, tiny dent but no bend and in good condition. The handle is tight fit with family mon, brass wire wrapping is no cut, no loose also in good condition. Lock mechanism works fine. It measures 27+3/4" tip to the guard, 26+3/4" cutting edge, 1+1/8" width, 5.5 mm thickness at the notch and 38+3/4" in mountings. It does have a amazing blade and he was true to his discription. I’m going to have to post again to get the rest of the pictures.
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