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  1. Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is well during this Pandemic. I am yet lowering the price of this Tachi. Asking for 9,500 AUD for this magnificent Tachi by the late Mukansa Smith Hiroki Hirokuni.
  2. Hello Everyone! I’ve recently sold a pair of Fujiwara Kanefusa Daisho after lowering my asking price as I am expecting a baby later on this year. therefore I have decided to have to let go of some of my nihonto collection. Will be lowering the asking price of this Tachi by the late Mukansa smith Hiroki Hirokuni. new asking price: 11,000 aud.
  3. Hello Everyone, it has been a while. A very recent development in my life has happened. I am going to become a father! Therefore need to sell some of my things for the future haha. I haven’t had much luck with the sale of this gorgeous Daisho yet, but have decided to lower the asking price to 10k aud. Please let me know if anyone is interested.
  4. Pardon me friends, I can't believe I forgot to put up the blades specifications. Here are the measurements. Contemporary swords(Heisei 6 / 1994) Gifu (DAI) : Length of cutting edge 74.8cm Curvature 1.7cm Width of base 34.0mm Width of Yokote 26.0mm Thickness of base 7.2mm (SHO) : Length of cutting edge 55.3cm Curvature 1.3cm Width of base 28.5mm Width of Yokote 22.5mm Thickness of base 5.8mm
  5. Haha, thank you so much for the kind words. You know what, I would love to share my collection with everyone on the forums. Once I receive my commision orders, I'll make a brand new post to show my collection
  6. Yea they are haha. But my collection is getting to big haha and I've already commissioned quite a few blades in which I will need to pay for haha. By the way here are more close up pictures. I tried my best....im not very good or experienced at taking close up pics, but perhaps these will help show you the jigane a little more.
  7. Hello my Nihonto friends! As my collection grows, I am seeking to lighten up my collection and let go of this beautiful set of daisho within my collection. This is a superb set of DAI-SHO by skillful sword smith the 25th generation Fujiwara KANEFUSA 二十五代藤原兼房. His real name is KATO Kazuo 加藤賀津雄 who was born in 1957, as a 2nd son of the 24th generation Fujiwara KANEFUSA 二十四代藤原兼房. At the age of 18, he started training in famed living National treasure Gassan Sadakazu 月山貞一. After years of diligent study, he became an official authorized sword maker in 1982 and then established his own atelier in 1984. The founder Kanefusa 兼房 who paralleled to KANESADA 兼定 or KANEMOTO 兼元 has flourished throughout Japan ever since Muromachi Koto period. This masterpiece set of DAI-SHO bears SOUSHU manner in mind, especially ardently admired by the work of Shizu-Sasburo KANEUJI 志津三郎兼氏 from late Kamakura to Nambukucho period. There are splendidly active with abundant activities of Nie and Nioi, vividly bright in extreme beauty. Among similar works, this set of DAI-SHO was made to order. Blade construction:Shinogi-zukuri, Iori-mune, Width of base is wide standing firmly on base and less degree of tapering from base to elongated large Kissaki. The shape is created in a brave and lively style which is widespread during the period of the Northern and Southern Warring States Period Forging(Hada): Forging pattern is conspicuous Itame-hada with an indication of some large Mokume and streaming Masame-ware appears mostly along boundary lines. The steel gives off sparkling martensite crystals of Ji-Nie against bluish steel of Jigane to generate long gleaming lines of Chikei over the Hiraji surface. Temper(Hamon): Hamon is martensite crystals of frosty Nie based with misty-Nioi where boundary area shines clear and bright along varied in shape and height, flamboyant lines such as large-Choji, Tadpole-Choji or Waist constricted Choji and so on. There works with intensive long lines of Sunagashi and thick lines of Kinsen or Inazuma. The entire quenching state is impressively clear and bright in full of Soushu-den tradition. Temper of tip(Boshi): Boshi forms flame Kaen with an indication of intensive Hakikake. Tang(Nakago): Both Nakago are UBU in original. One Mekugi-ana peg hole. Slanting left Sujikai filemark. Single-bevelled Ha- agari Kurijiri heel end. The signature in Hakiomote front is Fujiwara KANEFUSA-saku 藤原兼房作, To order of MITSUMASA-uji generations 為光将氏重代 in new line. The other side is chiselled with the date of year A highly Auspicious day, October, Dog, the 1st calendar sign of Heisei (1994) 為光将氏重代 平成甲戌年十月吉祥日. Gold plated Silver Habaki collar, preserved in Shira-Saya mountings. Recent polish/Condition scale: mint (using a scale of mint-excellent-very good-good-fair-poor) Note: I apologise for the real life photos as I am not very good at taking them but feel free to PM me to take some more. Asking Price: 13,000.00 Aud
  8. I was suprised too! haha, it's awesome. I have messaged the guy who posted that post to ask if he is gonna go back and capture the other half, haven't gotten a reply though. By the way guys, theres a part 2 in there in case you guys didnt see it, that has the tosugu section as well. https://note.com/katana_case_shi/n/ndc48918a2216 But yea, those new shinsakuto at the competition are beautiful.......wish I could be there in person.
  9. Hello friends, I also wanted to share, I found a website post by Katana_case_shi who went to the first half of the exhibition and took pictures of EVERYTHING for us to enjoy! for those of us who could not make it to Japan due to the Pandemic. I for one, would absolutely kill to be there right now and to see the exhibit. But heres the next best thing. Some really beautiful stuff there. I hope he goes for the second half which actually starts today and captures those as well, although I doubt it. Please enjoy. https://note.com/katana_case_shi/n/nd8f7ee9d5a04
  10. Hi everyone, I have decided to let one of the swords within my collection go in order to fund another piece into my collection. Here is a beautiful Tachi made by the late Mukansa smith Hiroki Hirokuni made in 2013 just before his passing. It is one of his last works. The Tachi is a Long and wide blade at the bottom and tapers towards the top. It has a Deep Koshii-sori (curve is deepest at the bottom of the blade) The hamon is a thick and wide suguha. The Tachi is aimed at the Aoe school. The blade is in flawless condition. The Specs are: Blade Length: 78.1cm (2 Shaku 5sun 7bu) Motohaba: 3.2cm Tip Width: 2.2cm Motoshige: 1.7cm Sakikasane: 1.4cm Sori: 2.9cm 13,500 Aud Negotiable. Sincerely, Nicholas P.S. Here is a video of Hiroki Hirokuni -
  11. I also just recently put through an order about almost 2 weeks ago through Paul Martin, for a blade to be made by Akamatsu Taro Kanetsugu, the head of the family. Yes their blades are lovely. Many of their blades are very wide and thick with O-kissaki. Heres a website that showcases alot of their work. https://www.higotora.com/ So yeah, I have a Matsuba Kunimasa Commission order that should be done within the next few months, And I guess I have to wait from anywhere of 6months up to a year or even more sometimes, for my Akamatsu Taro order. @16k Would you happen to be able to share any photos of your Akamatsu Taro blade? If you would like to :D.
  12. It is so nice to hear you say that Piryohae3, I personally love Shinsakuto and mainly collect them. I know I'm against the majority, and but I do still admire and appreciate older Jidai blades.
  13. I am having a blade made by Kunimatsa Matsuba, I went through Paul to order the commission I shall update and post pics etc once it is done.
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