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  1. In the light pictures, it seems like it has some deep scratches and nicks (kizu) and can use a polish. After Shinsa fees and having a Shirasaya made, there is no long-term profit if the bidders would want to flip it. Not here in the US at least.
  2. Its keeps going up. What am I missing here? This is entertaining.
  3. Hey Eric - I was watching this myself. Not sure what is going on here.
  4. PNS - You are killing me.
  5. Update! So, when looking under magnification we were able to determine that is a combination crack and ware. The crack portion has a thickness of < 20um and it is only at the far end of the spine. It is tiny to say the least. There is no depth to the additional ware line that runs the rest of the way forward, as can be seen in the picture. When I first tried to run the paper through it, what I was actually seeing was an optical illusion that could not be replicated under magnification due to the reasons noted above. While it looks nasty, it is not as bad as I thought and at this point I feel it gives the blade character. -James
  6. My brother bought it. I was going to out bid him, but let him have it as a favor. -James
  7. Alex & Luis, Both of you have provided excellent information - thank you! I am going to order Markus' book later today. Do you have any thoughts as to why the addition of the witness was included on the tang? Best, James
  8. Luis, I originally tried to go with your suggestion, but he informed me that the other blade had an active deposit and did not anticipate the deal falling through. This time of year items fly through that website. The cut test inscription was modest to say the least, which was interesting to me. It was a simple "Wakige zui" with no more details of significant value. The inlay appeared decayed, which I took as a good sign. Based on these facts, the seller believes it is legitimate, but who knows. Hopefully the blade will "speak" to me when it arrives and all will be good. My wife's Uda Kanifusa blade has a very calm feeling and I am hoping for the same in this one. I hope that doesn't sound crazy. I appreciate everyone thoughts on these matters. I collect, but my collection has been based on what feels right rather than the technical aspects. I am trying to learn more about the technicalities, which is one reason why I am here. Best, James
  9. All, So after the issue with my last purchase, I exercised the very generous discount offer and purchased the following AOI: 17310 along with some fittings (F16693, F17253, F16698). My questions for everyone are: 1. What are your thoughts in regards to the cutting test? It was explained to me that the cutting test was likely done by the owner, a samurai, along with his friend to serve as a witness. I was stated to me that the reason for this was likely the high costs associated with such a test. This suggests to me that the owner may not have been the wealthiest guy on the block, but still well known, which may make it possible to narrow down who he was. 2. What koshirae combination do you like the best? I would add a voting widget, but am not sure how. Thank you in advance for your thoughts and opinions. Best, James
  10. Hey everyone! I will not be able to get the blade into the lab until after the holiday. Stay tuned. -James
  11. I am going to examine the issue using an electron microscope. I'll fill everyone in on my findings. Best, James
  12. All, The seller responded with a very generous offer. I just have to decide what path to take. So many wonderful swords and yoroi available. I do like to pair each blade with a nice suit of armor. Best, James
  13. Still waiting on a response\resolution. The seller responded to my brother's emails yesterday about another item, but not mine. A little discouraged, but this seller has been very good to me so far, so I am keeping the faith. -James
  14. Thank you all. I have mailed the vendor and will let you know the outcome. -James
  15. NihontoCollector, No, but a search of the info I posted above may turn up other “details.” Just did not want to name names, since this is a first time occurrence with someone I have much respect for.
  16. Here are the dimensions: Blade length : 71.3 cm or 28.07 inches. Sori :1.4 cm or 0.55inches. Width at the hamachi : 3.23cm or 1.27 inches. Width at the Kissaki : 2.22cm or 0.874 inches. Kasane : 0.77cm or 0.3 inches.
  17. Thank you. I was under the impression that it couldn't pass Tokubetsu Hozon with a flaw like that, so I was a little confused. It still concerns me since it runs as deep as it does. I can slide the corner of a sheet of paper between the split.
  18. Hello All! (First post here)... I received a new blade today (NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Paper - Kinmichi 2nd Gen.) and noticed an issue that was undisclosed prior to purchase. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on whether I should be concerned.
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