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  1. Chris, Yes, the Kanifusa is papered as tachi. Best, James
  2. All, Sorry for the delay. The measurements are as follows: Uda Kanifusa: Blade length : 62.7 cm or 24.68 inches. Sori :2.2cm or 0.86 inches. Mekugi : 3 Width at the hamachi : 2.48 cm or 0.97 inches. Width at the Kissaki : 1.7 cm or 0.66 inches. Kasane : 0.45 cm or 0.17 inches. (Kikumon) Iga Kami Fujiwara Kinmichi (2nd generation) Nihon Kaji Sosho: Blade length : 71.3 cm or 28.07 inches. Sori :1.4 cm or 0.55inches. Mekugi : 1 Width at the hamachi : 3.23cm or 1.27 inches. Width at the Kissaki : 2.22cm or 0.874 inches. Kasane : 0.77cm or 0.3 inches. Yamato Daijyo Fujiwara Masanori. (First Generation.) Cut Test Blade length : 70.9  cm or 27.9 inches. Sori :1.1cm or 0.433inches. Mekugi : 3  Width at the hamachi :3.14 cm or 1.236 inches. Width at the Kissaki : 2.24cm or 0.88 inches. Yamato Daijo Masanori (First Generation) Blade length : 58.9 cm or 23.2inches. Sori :1.4cm or 0.55 inches. Mekugi : 1 Width at the hamachi : 2.74cm or 1.08 inches. Width at the Kissaki : 2.01 cm or 0.79inches. Kasane : 0.6cm or 0.24 inches. Kasane :0.68 cm or 0.268 inches. I will have to measure the Nagamitsu. Please stand by. Does anyone know why the koshirae for the waki is significantly longer than the blade? It is a full size koshirae. Best, James
  3. All, I will post the measurements and additional pictures on Monday. Best, James
  4. Jeremiah, Thanks! They all have mei, but my brother just pointed out I had them flipped. 1. Is the Nagamitsu that my brother bought from Joe. 2. 1st Gen Masanori 3. 2nd Gen. Kinmichi 4. 1st Gen. Masanori (Cut Test) 5. Uda Kanifusa No details on Mr. BubbleGuppies other than AOI thinks it is mid-edo. Best, James
  5. All, Just wanted to share some pics demonstrating how my collection has grown since finding this board. The blades are in chronological order (Newest at the top). My daughter (3yo) named the armor Mr. BubbleGuppies. Everyday she comes down and says Konnichiwa Mr. BubbleGuppies. Best, James
  6. Hello All! Can some please explain to me why kogantans are permitted to rust? I've received my first that came with a Waki and can not for the life of me understand why someone would allow this to happen. Best, James
  7. Does anyone have a spare bottle they are interested in selling?
  8. Just wanted to +1 for John. Great guy! Thanks for all of your recommendations.
  9. Thanks. Been trying to email him. Not sure if I was getting caught in the spam filter or if the site was not legitimate.
  10. Does anyone have experience with this seller?
  11. Thanks everyone. Going to send away for samples of the color combos suggested.
  12. Koshirae is finished. Should be getting everything back by December. Let me know what you all think. Also, color ideas for the sageo?
  13. Hello, I am looking for a tsuba to compliment the one in this picture:
  14. Stephen - Thanks for the info. I'll reach out to the owner to verify if there are stamps anywhere else. Bruce - Sure. I have close ups I can post later if you need them.
  15. All, This is a follow up to another post I have here (pictures included): http://www.militaria.co.za/nmb/topic/25671-assistance-w-katana-in-gunto-mounts/ My current questions are: Since this is not my era of study, can anyone enlighten me as to: 1. The price range for a piece such as this? 2. Whether or not the stamps suggest non-traditional forging\ metal? Best, James
  16. Chris, Thanks for the quick response. Since this is not my era of study, can you enlighten me as to the price range for a piece such as this and whether or not the stamps suggest non-traditional forging\ metal? It is hard to tell in my pictures, but the hada is gorgeous. Another note, the owner mentioned that he oiled it once 10 years ago and it has been sitting the saya ever since. There is not a hint of rust, which really shocked me.
  17. Hello All, Had a friend stop by today with a sword that he received in Japan in the 80's. I am curious if you all can assist us in nailing down the maker.
  18. All, I am wondering if there would be any interest in a small gathering in Southern Maryland? I am willing to host the event at my home. My collection will be open for examination; however, I have quite a few pieces that are going through Shinsa in June. With that in mind this will probably be a late fall event. Thoughts? Best, James
  19. Eric - He is being very serious.... Hey Luis - Send Eric that video of you buttering your morning toast with that one Juyo blade.
  20. Call me later. There is another site that reviews modern blades for this purpose. There are some that reviewed as "good" that are on Amazon for < $150.
  21. Brian, Thanks! I tried several things. What ended up working was packing the envelope full of napkins then using a heat gun over and around the spot in a fan pattern. I experimented with different temperatures and found that 440F was the sweet spot. The oil was absorbed by the paper towels due to the heat exchange. There is 0 evidence of a spill and no discoloration or damage at all. I hope this information helps anyone that may find themselves in a similar predicament. Best, James
  22. All, My daughter spilled some choji oil on some NBTHK envelops. I was able to get the papers out before is soaked through; however, I am left with envelopes with ugly oil stains. I am sure I am not the only one who has had this happen. If this happened to you, or a "friend", can you please let me know what you did to get the oil out? Thanks in advance!
  23. I'm still really curious what the overall appeal was.
  24. PNS, if this is the market for 1st Gen. Masanori, then I need to sell mine now!! LOL
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