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  1. Ray, What material are you using for the backdrop? Best, James
  2. If someone here won the following auction and intends to submit it to the NBTHK, will you please post the results? Thanks in advance! http://www.sword-auction.jp/en/content/as18436-刀:笹の露-紀伊菊池孫左衛門所持-寛文九年四月十一日弐ツ胴切落人見博兵衛門重次-花押-katana-sasanotsuyu-kii-kikuchi-magozaemon Best, James
  3. Well, This was an odd post. Anyone able to help this guy? Best, James
  4. I'll throw in my .02. I've purchased many items from AOI. Wherever an issue arises with a purchase they are quick to make it right. This includes offering full refunds. I visited the shop last year and will be going again this year. He and his staff go above and beyond to assist you in finding 'your' piece. Also, while the three limit exists they are always willing to retrieve more if you are serious and passionate. Finally, when you are there for your appointment you are catered to exclusively... they do not take phone calls or entertain walkins during 'your' time. Best, James
  5. Good to know! Looks like I will include videos cutting paper and my dinner to ensure buyer satisfaction. Best, James
  6. Cool find! Like others have stated, please do not try to clean it. Best, James
  7. EastCoast

    Replica Armor

    All - I have recieved several messages from this post. I am currently on a family vacation, so please bear with me. I'm responding in order and will be able to return calls Monday. Best, James
  8. EastCoast

    Replica Armor

    I have two authentic suits below your price range if you are interested. If you are interested or are in the US and near DC shoot me a PM and I can arrange a viewing for you. Best, James
  9. Bazza, While I do not regret letting this one slip, I must say it was a gorgeous blade. It appears to have had a fresh polish, so my guess is that the owner was going to paper until the flaw became visable. Best, James
  10. All, The auction went higher than I thought it would. This was the blade in question. Any thoughts: http://www.sword-auction.jp/en/content/as19239%E8%84%87%E5%B7%AE%EF%BC%9A%E5%89%87%E5%85%89%E5%88%83%E5%88%87%E3%82%8C%E3%81%8C%E3%81%82%E3%82%8B-wakizashi-norimitsu%E3%80%80hagire-monouchi-area
  11. B. I'd like to explore your comment further. Is your comment predicated on study as the only value? Best, James
  12. All, The blade is currently at auction. So to clarify, if I win I will submit it. I'll post pictures and details in a couple of days. In regards to preferences of blades with higire. I respect both schools of thought. My view is, since I am not purchasing it for use (combat), then it should be viewed and treated as art. In other words form over function. In the world of art you will find many damaged masterpieces. It may detract from the value, but not necessarily the aesthetic appeal. One cannot discount the history either. Just my .02 cents. Thank you for all your thoughts. This has been a very informative thread. Best, James
  13. Grey, Thanks. Going to submit a blade to see what happens. I'll update the board with the results. Best, James
  14. All, Can a blade be papered under the NTHK-NPO with a hagire? Best, James
  15. Thank you all for your thoughts. Every time I read through posts on this board I realize that I have so much more to learn. I'll admit though that I buy on how the piece speaks to me. One day that may burn me on the financial side of the house. KJ - My thoughts exactly! KH - Curiosity has cost me several times, which is OK. This looks older than Edo Kanbun and that has me wondering. Do you agree with AOI's age estimate or have any further insights? BaZZa - I looked it up. You are right! I will be able to appreciate it a little more knowing that. It's always pleasant to be able to have nature as a reference when viewing a piece - like a thoughtful hamon.
  16. All, I just bought this: http://www.sword-auction.jp/en/content/as16172-%E6%A7%8D%EF%BC%9A%E5%8C%85%E5%AE%9A-yari-kanesada Do you feel it is worth risking the shinsa fee? I always like to leave a little wiggle room in case I want something else. Also, I have noticed several blades on AOI recently that state the inscription "looks good" or is "exact", but reservations are made in regards to a shinsa pass guarantee? Are really high end/ mastered inscriptions a big thing now? Best, James
  17. Virginian, Someone on here pitched the idea about how this may be suitable for a documentary. I may have the contacts to make this happen, which could have multiple upsides. PM me if you have time or, since I am in Maryland, we may be able to meet in person. Best, James
  18. We also dropped by AOI to drop off a sword. We go back on the 23rd to pick some things up. If anyone needs close up shots of a piece they are interested in let me know.
  19. My wife and I went to the Bizen show in Tokyo yesterday. It wasn't easy to find, but well worth the walk. Some great swords on display including a NHT katana made for Nobunaga. I would have taken pictures, but apparently that is not a "thing" here. I did buy a few exhibit books if anyone needs details on a specific piece. If you are in Japan PM me if you want to grab a bite to eat. We are here through the 24th. Best, James
  20. Geraint, Interesting. Thanks for posting. I was wondering if that was the case. The koshirae is a perfect fit. It almost makes me wonder if the owner was using the length of the koshirae as a battle tactic. I guess we can only wonder. Best, James
  21. BUMP: Does anyone know why the koshirae for the waki is significantly longer than the blade? It is a full size koshirae.
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