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  1. Thank you! And Ken has a good point, I'd be interested to see a comparison
  2. Forgot to mention the story ahah. Indeed Wang Chuyi. Also thank you for the info!
  3. I think it may be just before them Thank you :D Sorry for the slow reply by the way I didn't get a notification as usual. I looked into a few schools before buying and I always ended up coming back to Bizen, the sugata of Bizen blades always gets me aha :D
  4. My Mito tsuba and matching fuchi kashira. Bought months apart, they're clearly made by different artists but they still happened to match perfectly regarding their size and design. :D Tsuba: Mumei, NBTHK Hozon F/K: Naoyoshi (Kao), NTKK Both made from shibuichi.
  5. Haven't posted here before so I figured I should.. My Bizen waki, this was my first nihonto Momoyama jidai Mei: Bishu Osafune Sukesada Suriage from an uchigatana
  6. Apologies, I knew I'd missed something! The wakizashi is no longer available though. Should that change I'll add dimensions and in future shall offer EU shipping while we're still there. Cheers.
  7. Unfortunately I've found myself needing money so I'm moving on a wakizashi of mine, and it's cheap. It's Mino-den and I believe it's Shinto period c1600s. O-suriage mumei. There's some minor kizu/scratches however nothing fatal. The blade is in fair polish. Housed in shirasaya with a 2 piece copper habaki. Only willing to post within the UK (sorry) Priced to sell fast at £475, postage included.
  8. Thank you both for the information! Put my mind at ease aha. Very much appreciated.
  9. Hi peoples! I've a question. So, it's been rather humid recently so I'm taking extra care of the swords, but I also have a fuchi kashira made from shibuichi that I recently acquired. Do these need a small bit of oil too every now and then? I'm concerned the humidity will oxidise them and damage them. I'm aware that touching them bare handed can oxidise them. Bit of a noob regarding Tosogu! Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm sticking this post here for now, instead of the WTB section as I'm only looking for now, no guarantee I can buy at this moment. I'd perhaps be interested in acquiring a Soten tsuba, and certainly a Kinai Tsuba at some point. I once had a Kinai, I will find a similar image of the one I had; but I had to let it go, unfortunately. My priority is the Kinai. The Soten can wait as they can get pricey. Thanks.
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