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  1. Interesting to say the least but I think the 'missing' hamon plus this detail has made the price what it is.
  2. I am pretty quiet and I have learned a lot from what they said so far (a lot! Lol). I am glad you are here to support that also.
  3. My turn, I am Yulian. I have way too many swords that I am rushing to filter through and decide which ones are to stay with me and which ones are to find their righteous owner. I wish myself long term friendships with folks from the forum and I wish the rest patience while dealing with me and my dedication to learn Cheers
  4. Thank you very much. I have one and that is the reason I ask. If I don't hear from you, the ones with more experience, I wouldn't know am I doing the right thing by sending it for Juyo. But that for whatever reason pisses off some folks around here - you go figure. It's not like there's an appraisal book online where I can simply flick a page and find the answer.. and what is so wrong about asking for a valuation?
  5. Hah.. who's the sensitive now? Lol And where did I fail to address accurately the proposition you made? Or you just pick and choose which part of the question I asked to be selected as most convenient one and a foundation for your rude approach?? While on Wikipedia try searching for manners, that, in my opinion is a good start
  6. Hi buddy, I am glad you are having a great day, me too, thanks for asking. The Juyo is what I wanted to inquire about plus this is in general discussion, I don't see how's that against any rules! And to address about me being easily offended - I am not except when frogs have crappy attitude against me without a reason. If you don't like what I am asking - skip it. None of my questions REQUIRE answers. Thanks for the message anyway. Hope you have a better one!
  7. Hello, They are my most favorite place to go look around and I bumped onto this.. How realistic is that figure? Does that mean that work from Sadakuni with same sugata able to be awarded Juyo? Thank you in advance for any thoughts https://www.aoijapan.net/katana-tajima-kami-hojoji-tachibana-sadakuni-2/
  8. Thanks buddy. There's anotyer mysterious factor that doesn't sell even great blades for great prices. I will find out sooner or later. This one is gone, maybe another big mistake.. no regerts lol
  9. I have been using them but I noticed slight scratching that is the reason to ask (unless they have been picking up stuff along the way).. so I followed the aoi advice and use what they have suggested. Not the wd stuff lol
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