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  1. Hi Geraint, I believe the backstrap is a partially decorated general officer variant.
  2. Hello, any assistance with the translation would be greatly appreciated. I believe the first two kanji of the Mei are Bishu. Thank you in advance for any assistance. Thanks, Sean
  3. I thought I would attach some more pictures of the sword stand in case anyone wanted to see the other side.
  4. I just wanted to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge with me and helping me learn and for being so patient with all of my questions. Thank you
  5. How exactly do you tell the difference between hakikake, kaen, and nie kuzure hamon patterns in the kissaki, as they all look very similar to me.
  6. Please correct me if I am wrong but from what I am seeing in the hamon it looks like suguha with Nijuba.
  7. Does anyone have info on the maker of the Tsuba as I can not find anything online on him at all
  8. Thank you to everyone for all the help and information.
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