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  1. Thank you to everyone who helped with the fantastic information. .
  2. Hi everyone i cannot get even close to reading this.I need help from someone with much more knowledge than me. .thank you so much..sorry i cannot rotate the picture.I will add more tomorrow
  3. Hollow is 3mm at the deepest point ..sorry for the bad description at the start.
  4. Hi just trying to find a school and or smith that could have made this stunning menuki..thank you for any help..by solid i mean not plated they are slightly hollowed in the back..about 3mm hollow checking very carefully with a dentist tool
  5. Hi everyone I am relatively new to collecting and a enjoying Japanese swords and fittings and learning fast that there is a massive amount of enjoyment to follow. I will apologize now for any mistakes I will make but we all had to start at the bottom. .thank you so much for the help so far .With thanks from the bottom of the world. .Lenny
  6. Thank so very much from the upside down down under KIWI.
  7. Hi my name is Lenny I live in new Zealand.I am very interested in Japanese swords and fittings..I have a very nice Fuchi that is signed. .Tokuno Terukatsu. .I just cannot find much information on this smith.and if the Mei is correct for this smith..Any help would be great. .thank you
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