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  1. I had a modern Shinsakuto arrive from Japan a few years ago where the seam of the shirasaya let go, I guess either the Sokui wasn't applied properly or the pressure changes during the flight caused it to pop open. Thankfully the blade stayed seated and the split was right along the seam and only extended about a 3rd of the way down from the koiguchi, so no damage was done to the blade.
  2. I would agree with Grey it looks bad in the first two shots but I think that it's just a result of reflection and the lighting. The 3rd and 4th picks the tip looks fine and the staining is not nearly as noticeable. It looks like a nice blade and would probably be stunning in a full polish.
  3. I have a book on Japanese joinery that I would love to take out some day and get some saws and wood together just for some relaxing fun.
  4. I joined in May 2007. I need to get posting, I must be one of the least active guys on here. LOL I do read a lot on here though.
  5. They're currently putting in Google Fiber in my area, can't wait for them to come around and hook me up. The US ranks something like 25th in the world in internet speeds but at least Google Fiber will make this area much better than that. I think it's 1000Mbps where normally I'm lucky to get 150Mbps.
  6. You are correct it was Yoshihara selling signed copies for I believe $50 each. I heard they went quickly but that sales of the DVD's should be coming out this fall.
  7. Is this for the utsushi Kiyomaro shinsakuto or another project?
  8. I'm really hoping they make it available as a download on iTunes.
  9. I kinda lucked out. I moved into a new house last fall and decided to replace my two TV's with 4K HD TV's.
  10. Not sure if anyone else had seen this, it's news to me but looks like it will be quite nice. From what I've found they filmed over 15,000 hours of footage in ultra high definition (4K) and they have captured all stages of making a traditional sword, by Yoshihara Yoshindo no less! Here are a few links. http://en.rocketnews24.com/2016/03/01/sword-enthusiasts-heres-the-katana-documentary-you-wont-want-to-miss-【video】/ https://www.makuake.com/project/4kkatanaproject/ I hope the links work. Says they are hoping to release it in August 2016. If anyone knows how order this I would really like to know. Cheers, Jeff
  11. Anyone know how many have been added since this thread started on 09'? I know Ichiro Matsuba Kunimasa was given the honor in 2014, but was unsure if anyone else had?
  12. Thanks Mike, I thought it was funny that this was my first antique tsuba but the other blades I've owned in the past were always in shirasaya.
  13. Wow that's very similar to mine, I like that mine is not round better though.
  14. So I recently picked up a 10 year old shinken made by Kimura Kanetsugu that has this Tsuba mounted on it and I've never done much in the way of Tsuba study...so what can you tell me about it? I would love to start learning more about them. Two things I know for sure, it's unsigned, and it's more than 10 years old. Thanks, Jeff
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