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  1. I have this genuine 32 plate nicely lacquered kabuto. Not entirely sure as to the school but it is very bulbous in shape which remind me of ichiguchi Myochin. Overall condition is good. You can message me for more details but price for members is $2,800 Usd plus shipping. thanks for watching.
  2. Hi Friends, offering up this eboshi. The weight and dimensions are accurate to an old piece but it is a modern repro. Good for general display maybe in a more traffic area or also for reenactment wear, etc. I assume the hachi is made of resin as it doesn’t hold a magnet, but the shikoro is metal lacquered. overall is very pleasant visually price is $185 usd, plus shipping. Please pay any transfer fees like PayPal. I highly recommend Wise if you’ve never used it before.
  3. Hi Gents, offering up this healthy koto katana, I will try and update more details and pictures but its a lovely set and has recent Tokubetsu papers. Attributed to Chiyozuru Morihiro of Echizen Rai school. You can see some pictures posted below as well as on my website. Offering members a generous discount from the listed price, this set was very recently added. Price is $7,650 USD, direct payment preferred, if paypal is a must then I ask buyer to cover the fees. Shipping is not included. Thanks for taking the time to look. https://nihontoart.com/shop/a-nanbokucho-period-echizen-rai-school-katana-by-chiyozuru-morihiro/
  4. I'm sorry to hear this Tony, maybe it is because you were flagged as previous have mentioned. I just sent a tanto (quite expensive one) 2 weeks ago and it seemed to have cleared quite fast. Isn't Pablo in the UK, I'm sure he brings a reasonable amount, maybe you should reach out to him or just pay him a fee to import them?
  5. I heard about this and my immediate instinct was to come here which I know he always had a place, I know he was loved by many here, and with good reason. Darcy was no doubt a special guy with a vast amount of Knowledge, and he did contribute so much to the sword community. My deepest condolences to his loved ones and everyone who knew him!!! The funniest and most recent conversation I remember having with him was how he managed to fly where he wanted in 1st class without ever actually paying for it. Darcy was someone where if he put his mind and energy to it he could solve virtually anything. He will be missed, Rest In Peace my fellow Canadian and Nihonto brother.
  6. Thanks Ken, always good to hear from you. Admittedly covid has put a damper on sourcing my normal pieces, hope this year looks up and I can start traveling again. I'll be able to ramp up my listings.
  7. Ah Jean, you are one of a kind my friend... the world needs more people like you! We missed you last summer in Holland, hopefully this summer will be different. Thank you for the praise, I stick to one rule, buy and sell what I like
  8. Thanks Chris, always a great pleasure to cross paths. Take care and Happy 2021!
  9. Greetings from Montreal Canada, most of you know me here from posting over the years and for those of you who don't here it goes; Welcome to Nihonto Art. Although we live for all aspects of the art of the Samurai, the word Nihonto itself means "Japanese sword" (as you all know by now), which is our specialty. Founder Nick Ricupero has fostered this lifelong passion as both a collector and dealer. His high regard for such a timeless art means that each piece is hand picked and carefully selected. We make an effort to search out the most interesting and unique items we can find and as a result have a very diverse inventory spanning the past eight centuries. He uses his personal taste as a means to choose items and all of our artifacts are directly sourced from Japan. Come and check in with us from time to time to see what antique Japanese swords for sale have been recently added, if there is a particular item that you would like to acquire and does not appear on Nihonto Art please let us know and we will seek it out for you. "I truly believe I have the best job in the world, connecting collectors with these pieces brings me great joy and to be a part of finding a caring home for each item we sell is extremely fulfilling." Thank you in advance to all who take the time to check me out. Warmest regards, Nick Ricupero www.nihontoart.com www.nihontoart.ca www.facebook.com/nihonto.art/.
  10. I bough mine on amazon for $40 and works like a charm, has a light at the end.
  11. a quick little bump with some price reductions.... 1) $625 to $585 2) $1875 to $1725 (solid heavy piece with Tokubetsu papers) 3) $575 to $535 I'll ask them to be pulled at the end of this week. thx
  12. a quick little bump with some price reductions.... 1) $545 to $495 2) $435 to $395 3) $695 to $645 I'll ask them to be pulled at the end of this week. thx
  13. Thank you kindly Axel, I was also drawn to it which, pleasing to look at.
  14. Continuing from my last post, here are the remaining tsuba I'm offering for now, also in USD. Please add shipping and pp fees if that is the direction you choose, bank transfers are best and for my European brothers I have an IBAN account for easy transferring (we can simply convert it to Euro) Donation will be given to the message board. 1) Iron Tsuba with gold overlay, signed Umetada and with NBTHK Hozon (Edo period) 7.3cm x 6.7cm ($545) 2) Well detailed tsuba with elephantine person and shrine. with Tokubetsu Kicho (I believe reads Shoami ?... difficult strokes to read (Edo) 8.4cm x 8.0cm ($435) 3) One of my fav, namban with dragon and Pheonix theme has some gold overlay(Edo) 7.9cm x 7.3cm x 0.7cm thick (very very heavy) ($695)
  15. Offering up a few good quality tsuba, pricing varying and in USD... Please add shipping and pp fees if that is the direction you choose, bank transfers are best and for my European brothers I have an IBAN account for easy transferring (we can simply convert it to Euro) Donation will be given to the message board. 1) Iron Tsuba with Hozon papers signed Munemasa (late Edo) 7.3cm x 6.8cm ($625) 2) Exceptional heavy and thick Ko-Kinko Tsuba with Tokubetsu cert. (koto) 7.3cm x 6.9cm ($1875) 3) Sukashi Tsuba signed Horiguchi Tsunemasa with Hozon (Edo) 8.2cm x 7.9cm ($575)
  16. I'm not so knowledgable with WW2 Era work but at a quick glance I immediately see Chinese replica. That Nakago is painful to look at.
  17. Thanks Hamfish for your input, it is welcome so absolutely no problem with me... Actually I was going to write in my initial posting that I welcome interpretations because I could very well be off, but forgot to do so. I saw the water waves at the base of the tsuba and assumed waterwheel. Anyone else who would like to chime in no problem with me.
  18. Its been a little while I've offered something up for sale here, I'll dive back in with this nice three dimensional Preying Mantis and waterwheel Tsuba. It is actually far more nice in hand and the patina is even and pleasant. The upper wheel is recessed on both Ura and Omote. Also has some nice gold overlays. Measures 8.5cm x 8.5 cm Offered price for members is $585 plus shipping and PP fees unless another form of payments used. Thanks for watching!
  19. Not at all Jussi, it was a good observation and thank you for pointing it out. In this case its't probably patina, I noticed blades with tameshi that were kept in original mounts had varying patina, also the inlay is scratched along the shinogi, this probably throws them off. I've seen kinzogan ga aru many many times on test cut swords especially. Also I think depends who's judging, time of the year, etc. perfect example was a client that got result of Horiyu, Tanobe wrote his opinion and it was then resubmitted and pass Tokubetsu hozon..... its an annoying and time consuming exercise. funny thing is the NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon you posted above is a piece that currently belongs to me
  20. Hi Jussi, I could PM it to you but out of respect to the new owner I won't post it publicly. A couple years ago I was fortunate to own another superb Tameshi with the same tester a couple years back (which I am able to post the Hozon so have done so below), was a 2 body, same writing on the Hozon... kinzogan ga aru. My guess is not many examples to go by as he was not a famous tester like the many available examples of the Yamato school? Having handled many cutting test blades I've felt with my experiences the NBTHK was being overly cautious sometimes, kinzogan ga aru my guess is a way to cover their angles? One example I've seen a few times was the gold portion being repaired, which probably triggered doubt because of the varying patina of the Nakago. I don't know what was the case for this 2 body below. Maybe others will chime in with similar experiences or reasoning to this.
  21. Thanks for starting the thread Stuart, I've been out for a little while, was in Japan up until the beginning of this month (got out at a good time). I don't doubt this blade could have accomplished this, not because it is my piece but the blade already is uber heavy, probably 30%+ more than the average katana. So with Stephen's diagram (thanks Stephen) and the weight of the piece it would have had a good chance.
  22. Nickupero


    Sorry, saw the title and thought I was being called out Agree with Brian, I've seen some very large ones, some spaced out some closer together.
  23. Agree with Chris, maybe a slightly different take or artists perception. I like the overall feel a lot!
  24. Thanks for adding your opinions... interesting. I did feel some points were off, especially those dragons. Honestly they're a little tough on the eyes l
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