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Superb Genroku Tsuba

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A superb later Hoan-school Owari tsuba (or an Umetada tsuba) in classic go-stone shape.


The iron is excellent, with a deep patina and superb surface finish, with a composition of one tomoe sukashi and two tomoe engravings/etchings.


The attribution of this tsuba is not exactly easy. On one hand it might be a later Hoan work, on the other hand an Umetada guard. In the former case the absence of a signature might indicate a tsuba commissioned by a high ranking official (using a tomoe crest), in the latter case Umetada seems the best choice because of the quality of iron.


This is an opportunity to acquire a masterwork from the Golden Age of the Edo period. If you appreciate sublime workmanship and excellent iron in tsuba, this one is for you.


74 x 72 x 4 mm

Late 17th/early 18th century.


$1,650 incl. shipping, PayPal extra










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Offer valid until the end of week, schedule possible (yes, I will be as accommodating to facilitate a transaction).


I know, this may seem an expensive tsuba, and to the untrained eye ordinary guards may look similar, but the quality here is just superb. You won't see another tsuba with such exquisite iron anytime soon. 


Anyway, tarts are passing ;)

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Gorgeous tsuba.  Truly excellent.  I would take it off your hands immediately if I weren't committed elsewhere.  That steel surface is wonderful.  Your price is too low! ;)  I do think your dating is a bit conservative, though:  I would have this as early Edo, pre-Genroku. 





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Steve, I know about that tsuba you have committed to. A Nobuie fan, eh? Thanks for the kind words about my tarts... err... tsuba :)

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