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Hizen Masahiro nihonto

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Good evening,

i found this katana for 12.000,00 €.


Early Edo Period (1615-1867), around 1650

Signed 肥前國河内大掾藤原正廣

Hizen kuni kawachi daijō Fujiwara Masahiro

NBTHK Hozon Tōken


Nagasa [length]: 72 cm

Sori [curvature]: 1.4 cm

Motohaba [bottom width]: 2.9 cm

Sakihaba [top width]: 2.1 cm

Motokasane [bottom thickness]: 5.5 mm


Sugata [configuration]: Shinogi-zukuri, iori-mune, koshi-zori, chu-kissaki

Kitae [forging pattern]: Ko-itame hada and konuka hada typical of Hizen. Jinie.

Hamon [tempering pattern]: Gunome midare in nie-deki with thick nioiguchi. Ashi, , long sunagashi and kinsuji.

Boshi [point]: Round at the end with hakikake kaeri

Nakago [tang]: Ubu, iriyamagata-jiri, ō-sujikai yasurime; two mekugi-ana, mei: “Hizen kuni Kawachi Daijō Fujiwara Masahiro


Origami [paper]: The blade comes with a Hozon Tōken (Sword Worth of Preserving) certificate issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai. 

Koshirae [mounts]: The sword in an antique shirasaya and accompanied by a good antique koshirae with high level fittings and lacquer.



Is the price correct?


Thanks a lot






1740 Katana Masahiro-01-Modifica.jpg

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Ciao Daemon,


I start from the fact that the evaluation of a blade must be done individually, each blade is a story in itself... on paper, considering that the price is from a dealer located in Italy (Very well known and respected) it seems to me quite in line with the market, it is difficult to think of doing super bargain by buying from a dealer in Europe, due to taxes and bureaucracy.

Masahiro is certainly a respected blacksmith, but are there any particular reasons that push you to make this choice? For that price there is a wide choice...





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