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  1. It's your opinion but it's not the truth Hada is already quite dense, too dense for koto I wonder how you can say that based on pictures which show nothing about hada... And some koto hada are very dense (Kuniyoshi for example)
  2. Rivkin, Pay attention at boshi, both are sugu and these swords are koto while you arge sugu boshi = Shinto....
  3. Just for fun, oshigata of shodai and nidai kanemoto (come from Mino to taikan) ...
  4. First it's indispensable to know what really is a kazu-uchi-mono. Mino produced a huge amount of them and indistinguishable by their mei. Worth reading : http://www.nihontonorth.com/blog/the-kazu-uchi-mono
  5. The term satsuma rebellion refers more to a koshirae than to the sword itself, the one whose picture I have shown is a wakizashi mumei ubu from the province of Satsuma (probably Shinto). I would like to add that Takamori's forces included people who were not samurai and had to be armed, hence the need to equip the existing stock of unmounted blades.
  6. Rated chu saku so an average craftman.
  7. i'm afraid the only one thing you will learn with this sword which seems to be an amateurish work is what you must avoid...
  8. For french readers, there is this one which is a must have. https://www.amazon.fr/Dictionnaire-historique-Japon-Coffret-volumes/dp/2706816333
  9. I look to see if the sword has real artistic qualities and not just good craftsmanship. Jidai don't matter.
  10. This sword is gimei, Kunikane was permitted to engrave the Kuyo krest at the end of his career and the style of this mei doesn't match the one used at that time.
  11. According several Japanese polishers, you can put your thingers on a blade which is not polished and is yours.
  12. According the Nihonto meikan, he signed also 伯耆国大原真守造 and 伯耆国大原真守.
  13. Hummm, Ohara Sanemori is said to be the son of Yasutsuna so if this sword is by this smith, it is much older than said by your "expert" wich likely quoted a Bizen Sanemori and should be from Heian jidai. About the mei, the litterature says he didn't use the ji saku but the ji tsukuru. this swordsmith is a big name (saijo saku) but you can find a sword said made by him for a cheap price, unfortunately this sword is gimei with a welded nakago ... https://www.nipponto.co.jp/swords6/NT330772.htm
  14. I just find this one which is hozon http://lll.pro.tok2.com/bdata/0109801b.htm
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