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  1. Not Magoroku Kanemoto https://www.shoubudou.co.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=112
  2. Heianjo or kaga ? As I don't know much about tsuba, I never knew the difference.
  3. Jacques D.

    Any guesses?

    It's not a valid argument, punched mekugi ana perfectly circular are not that uncommon.
  4. Just a little correct. NBTHK is not an association but is an agency of the Japanese government; it depends of the Japanese Cultural Affairs Agency. NTHK is an association.
  5. I have this book, no Masayuki with a cutting test.
  6. Looking at the moto kasane, moto-haba and the size of the ha-machi, it is possible that it is a Shinshinto blade or even a gendai blade that one tries to make look older, but i can be totally wrong.
  7. Since there is a lot of Nobukuni, it can be shoshin , in this case, the problem is : who ?
  8. I kindly disagree, several mekugi ana are not a proof of suriage, the location of the mei, the path taken by the nakago shinogi and the nakago jiri suggest that this sword is ubu. There are several Nagamitsu even if we can exlude THE Nagamitsu Jason, Measurements will be helpful (nagasa, sori, motohaba, moto kasane etc.).
  9. It's not a valid argument, there are some gimei in some museums, and the story of lost papers always lights a red light in my brain. There is no NBTHK shinsa outside of Japan. ps sorry for that but i'm born skeptical.
  10. It seems to be the only one to use this mei, i'm a little bit skeptic about the validity of this mei (but picture is a little blurry).
  11. Cannot find one in all my library and never seen one
  12. Mister Flo, Before all, learn to read correctly that others say, i said :"This is far from a generalization and Degore's book is not detailed enough.", nothing else and I do not judge the knowledge of Degore. Can you tell us in which proportion the swords of the Mizuta school are inspired by the Soshu den ?
  13. Hum, This is far from a generalization and Degore's book is not detailed enough.
  14. If i'm not wrong, Markus wrote the Shinshinto-shi instead translate it..
  15. Ian, No kanji rai (来) on these mei.
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