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  1. Common feature called Machi shita-de yakiotoshi 区下-で 焼き落とし (i'm not totally sure of the Japanese writing)
  2. Jacques D.

    Katana feedback

    The swordsmith is a big name rated jojo saku. I never talk about price,
  3. I would add the wakizashi he talks about is gimei according Tsuruta san himself https://www.aoijapan.com/wakizashi-tanba-kami-yoshimichi-the-signature-not-reliable/
  4. A tanto made the same year here : http://sanmei.com/contents/media/A69560.html
  5. Just to add, the last pictures kindly shared by Sebastien are all of the Kyo branch
  6. Yes mei reads Osaka ju Gassan Sadakatsu saku, but unfortunately it's gimei.
  7. I don't think so. I think that mei is an amateur invention. https://iidakoendo.com/7027/
  8. I've never seen a book without errors unless it was peer-reviewed. As example Iimura (shinto taikan) attributes a sword to nidai Tadatsuna while it was made by the shodai, but i never seen a published sword which turns to be gimei.
  9. It seems there's no Osaka yondai, i can't find it even in the Nihonto meikan (if i read it correctly)
  10. Buy the sword not the papers, but if you pay a gimei the same price than a shoshin sword, i don't think you make a bargain.
  11. Author of the shinto taikan is Iimura Yoshiaki
  12. Imura's Shinto taikan
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