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Would like to learn more about this sword.


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Sufrson - unfortunately it is missing its menuki. 


Roku - missing the top seppa, how can I get another one?  (also appears to be some kind of marking at the narrow point end???).  Please let me know how to measure, maybe do a tracing too???


OK!!! I took the tsuba all the way off and found some more hidden writing, this time on the inside of the fuchi!!!  This is exciting, will need help translating again (see pic).


Since it was all apart, another measurement of the blade for accuracy....27 1/4" (69.215 cm).  Also new pics of the tang, bare.  Looking at pics now, there appears what could be two marking mostly "worn off(?) that was hiding under the habaki.  This might just be a coincidence that some differential metals next to each other for many a year.  Please let me know what you think of these pics!











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this must be like an adventure travel into a strange world for you! But the more you research and read (!), the more you will get familiar with the subject!

The characters in the FUCHI are just notes from the craftsman, so he knew where to mount it. The 'markings' under the HABAKI appear to be some minor corrosion, caused by humidity trapped under it. They will probably disappear with a new polish.

The TOGISHI ( = polisher) will also provide a new SEPPA of the same type and size, or at least he will know where to buy one (or anew pair). You can buy SEPPA in numbers off YAHOO!, but even if you buy 20 of them you cannot be sure you will have one that looks the same and fits exactly.

I cannot see the marks under the SEPPA properly, but they seem to be just impressions from use, not Japanese characters. Inspite of that, you will often find KANJI markings on the underside of SEPPA which are just notes from the craftsman.  

The TSUBA is a good one, but I cannot come up with a translation of the MEI right now (SADANAGA?). Please show the TSUBA photos always 'cutting edge' upwards, so it will be easier to read. 


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Dear Mark.


The marks on the seppa are from a punch that was used to spread the metal a little so that it would be a good fit on the tang, nakago.  

Jean's comments are bang on the money, just a side note that Uwe already translated the tsuba mei, " the tsuba (sword guard) was made by “大高寛長” (Ōtaka Hironaga), a late Edo artist from the Bushū-Itō school."


Keep up the good work!


All the best.



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Hello Roju, thank you for the information.  I was really hoping it was text inside the fuchi was more than just a construction notes.  The translation on the mei came out to be Kanemoto.  The added marks on the nakago "looked" a little like writing, just a coincidence then.  I've rotated the pics on the tsuba....


Geraint - thank you as well.





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Mark, there is also often a shinsa in Chicago if that is more convenient to you.  If you do decide to come, I would be happy to  have a look at the sword and go over it with a fine tooth comb.  A show would be a good place to find a nice pair of menuki as well.  Another unknown in this thread is the extent of the repair to the says that will be needed.  If it needs replacement, a new says in Japan can be costly ($2000-4000), though the product is beautiful.  It's a nice sword and I'm happy that you are excited about it and want to bring it back to its previous glory.  You will be amazed at how nice it will turn out.  

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