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Found this lurking around, first I thought the kissaki looked butchered but the skull fittings look interestingly but probably casts. 


blade nr 1. https://auctionet.com/sv/1923676-katana-Japan


Somehow, I think koto and most probably a new tourist piece.


Another one, that someone had some fun with 


blade nr 2. https://auctionet.com/sv/1927840-katana-Japan-1800-tal



Blade Nr 2.



Blade Nr 1.


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you should not think of buying these! The first one is not Japanese, and the seller has no idea of what they have, they even do not show the NAKAGO. The second one looks 'more' Japanese (at least the blade and some TOSOGU), but the condition would require a lot of restauration work which you wil have to have done by traditional Japanese craftsmen. Quite expensive and not sure about the outcome!

By the way: No plural form in Japanese nouns! (One KATANA, two KATANA!)

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Hi all, :) I had no intention to bid on them. 


Thought it was interesting how auction houses put up stuff with questionable origins. Then I reacted to the kissaki looking way of and on the poor condition of the other one. Then I noticed the skulls and interest was sparkled a bit.


Anyway, for people with lesser knowledge (like me), it is a good reminder of what to not look for and take a chance on.


Thank you again for knowledgable response. 









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