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What is this?

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Hi Guys,

Three questions please.

1. What is this and how was it caused?

2. Is this considered a flaw? If so how serious?

3. It’s also in an awful acid etch. Any way of reducing the impact of an acid etch without repolishing?





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Hamon is intact, so not a serious flaw. Maybe just a lack of control over the clay coating?
I know many advise against uchiko, but in this case repeated and careful uchiko application may dial back that acid finish. Otherwise maybe Nev-R-Dull?

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I am sorry, on  one  hand  an acid accident on the  other hand sluggish  yakiire. Part  of the  claycoating has fallen of.

Is this a fatal flaw, no it is not.

Is there a way to repair the acid desaster without  a new polish, sorry again the answer is no.

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