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Tsuba identification help

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Dmitry - I am no expert on sukashi guards, there are a number of schools that have similar designs. Schools show trends toward thickness or shape of rim or shape of seppa-dai but there is a lot of crossover and lots of designs are 'borrowed', so it is often just a guess who made a tsuba. Your tsuba has unusual hitsu-ana that lead me to think it is early, there is also a lot of tekkotsu ("iron bones") from first glance - but it is difficult to judge the difference between tekkotsu and partial corrosion, as your guard also displays. Tekkotsu is also a good indicator of great age and is a feature of many early Owari guards.  [ http://www.ksky.ne.jp/~sumie99/tekkotsu.html ] I hope some of the other NMB members can give you a better idea of your tsuba's lineage.

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