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kogatana Mei translation assistance?


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I have gotten "ichi" and "Saku" but am having a hard time translating the other Mei on this kogatana.


the blade is part of my wife's koshirae for a Bizen Katsumitsu she owns and I am finally starting to puzzle out the kogatana.


any help by folks would be much appreciated and welcome!


I can get better photos if necessary but here is what I have.


Thank you much for any help in advance!






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I've had a quick look and can find nothing on this Smith.

It might be worth adding that very few kogatana were signed by the Smith who made them rather the names were added more as an attribute.

You can tell the real Smith made items as they take as much care with the kogatana as they would a sword and the nakago ,nakago jiri and yasureme will be true to the Smith as will the mei.

You can even glean which generation if multiple generation were around,they are that accurate.

Yours looks to me more like just a random attributed mei but the nakago will tell you for sure Adam.


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Thanks everyone so much for the assistance! Despite the blade being of quality and such, it seems the kogatana is nothing of import. I will continue investigating as an academic and learning exercise but I doubt it will come of much.


thank you all SO much for your assurance!



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