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A New Book-Release!

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I have now read the book. It was an utter pleasure. I had the idea that, due to my perception of a narrow subject, it might be very technical and attract mostly hard core tepponistas.
This is not the case. The book gives an exellent historical recollection of the history of the Uesugi clan, their developement from the Momoyama all the way to the end of the Edo period.
It also gives insights in the hardship for the peasants and samurai alike.
The book is just as much a history book in general as a specific tale of the development and use of matchlocks, not only in Yonezawa, but all over Japan. It offers new insights and topples old preconceptions and also opens up for new theories regarding the origin of certain matchlocks.
This is a book to read, not only for the few collectors of these lovely guns but for everyone interested in Japanese history.
I strongly recommend to read it.

Anthony de Vos

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