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  1. Im in Houston not Canada thanks sorry SOLD
  2. SOLD pending funds. thank you
  3. Selling my Munemitsu in Kai Gunto fittings. Mei reads Munemitsu June 1944. No nicks. Some minor staining and pitting. Learned alot about it here. $1300. Shipping to CANADA or US only for now unless buyer pays shipping overseas. Portion will go to NMB thank you
  4. Hello Mr Bruce. I was wondering how i would go about getting my sword registered and or paperwork made to describe, etc. Can you help? Thanks in advance

    1. Bruce Pennington

      Bruce Pennington


      I'm not really educated on that.  I believe you have to submit the blades to Shinsa.  They used to have traveling Shinsa events, but COVID pretty much shut that down.  The really big method is to ship your blade to one of the guys in Japan and have them submit it to Shinsa over there.  But that is time consuming and expensive.


      I would ask Brian or Stephen.  They would know for sure.  There is talk of one happening in San Francisco in August:


      The guys on that discussion could likely help you too.

    2. TexasMatt


      thanks again, Matt

  5. What would be a good asking price for this if i wanted to sell?
  6. Thank you very much for your help on this. Is it worth getting repolished? I found out what the translation was from translation forum. It was this.
  7. Thank you all so much for the help. I have learned quite a bit floating these forums. Glad you guys are here and I really appreciate the help.
  8. Yessir i believe it is now. Naval correct? Just trying to figure out maker. Cant figure out first name for Musemitsu. Does that put it in gendai category? Thanks for your help.
  9. Sorry about that. Im new to these. Thank you
  10. Hello all. I am trying to find out what this mei is. I would appreciate any help I can get identifying this sword . Thanks again everyone.
  11. Not sure. I posted more pictures
  12. Can anyone tell me what i have here? Its a signed tang but it wont let me upload here. Any help would be appreciated thank you
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