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  1. Hi Mark Thanks for sharing, the first blade looks wonderful to me and it is the shape and form that I would like to own . Bryan
  2. I could of brought you some grapes if I had known. If you come back and need anything let me know. Bryan
  3. Hi Mark much respect for intervening there are very few people that will now a days, I hope you make a speedy recovery to the best of health. And I would not put pen to paper as what needs to happen to this individual . kind regards Bryan
  4. Hi I think I would end up going round in circles with that one unfortunately will just have take it on the chin . I will post some pictures when I figure out how to reduce them down. Bryan
  5. Thank you Brian I will make contact.
  6. Yes Mark it was not like that before it left the US 🥴
  7. Hi sorry if this is the wrong section to post this request. I have a lacquered saya that is starting to part at the joint seam and I would like to have it restored but as I am very new to collecting nihonto I do not have any contacts .So if possible I would like recommendations please. Bryan
  8. Hi,

    Has your sword arrived yet.


    1. Bryan B

      Bryan B

      Hi Mark

      payed the customs charge this morning so should be here tomorrow 😅

    2. Markdd


      great news

  9. Hi thank you for the reply the blade is 17 cm long 16mm wide and 3mm thick .
  10. Hi all I am new to the collecting of Nihonto So I know very little but I am trying to learn so having seen this thread I thought it might be the right section to show you all this that I bought recently it being my first purchase, I bought it not because I had any knowledge but because I liked the overall look and the blade seams very delicate. ( I now know that that is not the right thing to do after reading this message board) but if possible I would like to know more about it good or bad .
  11. Hi Mark Very nice well worth the wait. Bryan
  12. Hi Mark. that would not surprise me ! . I called them this morning and was told that they could keep it for up to 21 days (and they are working days not weekends?) before I could start to make enquiries. So they have till this Friday. Bryan
  13. Hi I am in the exact same position my sword landed in the uk on the 25/2/21 and I have rang sent emails to the same address only to be told it is with the clearance agent .And I know all the paperwork is very accurately set out . Bryan
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