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  1. Im sure we could work something out
  2. Yes - it is appraised at o-waki, but being .4cm short, I think it's open to interpretation! Thank you, it's worth denoting and something I forgot to point at. Thanks Vajo
  3. Beautiful piece acquired from the United States. Appraised by Unique Japan. Original papers come with. Dense hada, clear signature, single mekugi ana, original habaki, no hi, beautiful hamon, original shirasaya mountings. In good polish for age, not messed with condition. Paypal, cash or cards accepted. £2700 shipped.
  4. Currently the sword status on USPS is at Heathrow. Although Parcelforce still stays ‘exported from country of origin’.
  5. I am in the west midlands, near warwickshire, so lets see if that makes a difference.
  6. thats really helpful - i will follow to the letter. you’d think they’d send the customs letter to the address of the parcel! mine is coming from the US so hopefully gets here without undue delay. Will keep everyone ‘posted’, as this may be a question that gets asked again
  7. I hope that doesnt happen! Best of luck - let us know the outcome
  8. Thank you. I will post pictures soon. I’m so excited at the prospect of a possible meet up with everyone when possible
  9. Thanks guys! Is it usually processed quickly by customs?
  10. Hi all I have bought a papered NTHK Nihonto from the United States. Does anyone have experience of the process when the sword arrives at the border - assuming they will ring me to pay the customs charge and will release it to me, but whats the wait time from when it arrives to roughly arriving to me? Thanks!
  11. My long suffering wife will be very pleased to hear that. She is always complaining the the ‘swords are taking over’!
  12. Bit of an odd one, but a really interesting piece. Single naval stamp, seems to be a decent hamon although out of polish. Tsuba is iron with decoration, seems to be inlay but don’t want to remove patina too much. Cut down nakago, possibly for kyu gunto at some point? Copper habaki, with remnants of decoration. Obviously original to blade. Saya has some damage to cloth, but fits the blade extremely well. I have high end modern katanas and they don’t come close to the fit. 900 or best offer, will post worldwide.
  13. Thank you. I’ve had nothing but great experiences so far from this forum.
  14. All really good advice. Thanks all. Does the NMB ever have a meet up between pandemics?
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