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  1. Thank for that, Dave. It was early in the morning for me and im in the middle of a move so everything is crazy right now.
  2. Thats not the best news. What do you look for when it comes to this type of sword to see if its authentic or not
  3. I recently purchased this sword online along with the tassel. When i had received it everything seemed to look okay from the book. I did notice that it has numbers on the tang. Was that normal for these swords? Also, does the tassel seem authentic? Dawson's book seems to match it up good but I know it can be hard to tell if the tassels are real or fake.
  4. I wanted to chime and just thank everyone for the discussion this sword has brought to the forum and learning about it has been really awesome. Anytime that I post a purchase, I always hope that it will be like this post where lots of knowledgeable members can chime in and discuss. One of the Seppa has the remnants of leather on it. I would definitely love to see what it would have looked like if it were whole in hopes of maybe running across an original piece and being able to put it back together.
  5. Thank you all for the information thus far. I really enjoy learning about these swords. Here is a pictures of the reverse side of the saya. I dont see a snap catch.
  6. That is awesome information. To me it looked too good to be true. Yeah the total length is 35 3/4" in mounts. The seller had said it was a pilot or tankers sword but I was very skeptical of that.
  7. This was a recent purchase. I liked that the blade was a bit shorter than most of the swords made during WWII (23 3/8"). I know its tough to tell the difference between pilot, tanker or just smaller officer swords, To me, everything checks out okay, the only thing I would like to have more info on, if anyone knows, is the leather wrapped saya. It seems to be in good condition for its age and the style is different than most of the other ones I have found. What do you guys think about it?
  8. I don't see any weld lines so it must be the finish.
  9. I recently made a purchase on fleabay. I normally dont buy swords from sellers that are not big dealers but I liked that this item had free return shipping if there were any issues and the seller also had good feedback. I purchased this as I really like the look of the kyu guntos. I am wondering about the blade. There are no markings on the blade but I thought it may be older as it appears to have been previously mounted in something else. I know that isnt a sure fire thing and that's why im here. I was hoping to post some pictures and have the members take a look at the pictures and maybe give me an idea of the age of blade. The blade has definitely seen better days. Any Info is always greatly appreciated!
  10. Absolutely. I am happy to provide more pictures. Let me know if anymore pictures would be helpful
  11. Thank you both for the information on this. I am really happy with it and its always good to get good words and assurance on such a big purchase.
  12. Greeting, everyone. I recently made a big purchase (for me) and bought a sword online. I purchased it from showa22. I have read that alot of people dont like his practices but i really liked the look of the sword and the length of the blade is 27 3/8". I paid $1200 for it. The auction info says it has a 1700s era blade on it. It is in original polish (another reason why i really liked it). I thought I would share some pictures and see how the board thought I did. The price from other sold items similar to it seems fair not super high or the best deal ever by any stretch. Enough with my horrible grammar and rambling. Lets get to some pictures.
  13. I thought this as well. What surprised me so much is the amount of bids on it and its up to over 400.00, I believe. I assumed there must have been something about it for that many bids.
  14. I found this sword online and thought it was pretty neat. I couldn't find anything about it in dawsons book. Is this sword a genuine wwii sword? Some things that really jump out to me is the Habaki, where the signature is located. I aslo dont see a nakago hole on the usual spot on the tang (I assume it goes through the sarute). I am still very new to this but alot of these features are uncharacteristic of most of these swords. It appears to have navy fittings to me. Am I missing this in the book?
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