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  1. I couldn't figure out what else would cause it.
  2. I have the opportunity to buy this sword. The seller says it says an old blade. The blade is in really rough shape. The mounts appear to be old. The Nakago holes don't seem to be very well done and that's my biggest issue with it.
  3. Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate the information.
  4. Purchased this sword today at a gunshow. It is a type 3 sword. It may be a traditional blade. I was hoping to get some info on the smith first before posting on another thread to see if it is traditionally forged.
  5. That is correctr, Bruce, It was plain tan fittings
  6. I was interested in purchasing type 3 gunto with the following signature. The price seems to be reasonable though it appears the sword has had work done on it. Any help is appreciated.
  7. I made a post in the translation section to have someone attempt to read thew mei. What I probably should do is get a post here and see what people thick about the sword. The pictures arent great but hopefully someone will be able to chime in. To me this one looks a bit more promising. The Tsuka appears to be in really good condition and that is a bit of a concern to me. I can try to get more pictures if needed but it seems like its a really big hassle for him due to his age and trouble with taking clear pictures.
  8. Ill try and see if i can get a picture witha darker background from the potential seller. He is elderly and its hard to get pictures out of him but i will do my best
  9. I'm in the works of trying to buy some swords from on older colelctor. It seems like alot of his swords weren't authentic. I'd like to see what the Mei on this swords reads to see if it's worth looking into
  10. so the blad on the top is the #2 sword from the first set of pictured. The one I believe is a type 94. It is also the one with 4 holes in the tang and is rusty.
  11. The seller just emailed me these two pictures of sword #2 and #5
  12. I have a guy who has a few swords he has collected over so many years and is wanting to part with. The pictures of the swords he has for sale are below: The 2nd from the top and 2nd from the bottom were the most of interest to me. The 2nd from the top appeared to be a type 94 and both of them appeared to have pretty decent sized blades. The third and fourth from the top appear to be signed After receviving not the best pics to identify, I asked for a couple of more of the original two i had liked. I received these pictures. The tang on the bottom one seems to be of very low quality and wouldnt match type 98 mountings would it? The other one with the 4 holes it seems to have quite a bit of rust as well. I have asked for a few pictures of the kissaki. Does anyone have any opinions on these swords?
  13. Perfect. Thank you, everyone. It is greatly appreciated.
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