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  1. so the blad on the top is the #2 sword from the first set of pictured. The one I believe is a type 94. It is also the one with 4 holes in the tang and is rusty.
  2. The seller just emailed me these two pictures of sword #2 and #5
  3. I have a guy who has a few swords he has collected over so many years and is wanting to part with. The pictures of the swords he has for sale are below: The 2nd from the top and 2nd from the bottom were the most of interest to me. The 2nd from the top appeared to be a type 94 and both of them appeared to have pretty decent sized blades. The third and fourth from the top appear to be signed After receviving not the best pics to identify, I asked for a couple of more of the original two i had liked. I received these pictures. The tang on the bottom one seems to be of very low quality and wouldnt match type 98 mountings would it? The other one with the 4 holes it seems to have quite a bit of rust as well. I have asked for a few pictures of the kissaki. Does anyone have any opinions on these swords?
  4. Perfect. Thank you, everyone. It is greatly appreciated.
  5. I believe this sword to be a takayama group but would love to have the translation read to get a better understanding of the sword. This one might be a bit of a challenge due to all of the Kanji
  6. Thats reasonable. If anyone wants to pm me on what they think a fair value would be on this sword, please do so. It would be greatly appreciated. I am considering trading it for something else that interests me.
  7. While we are on the topic of this sword. I was wondering if someone could help me with like a fair market value for something like this. I have a person that might be interested in it and for my own knowledge it would be nice to know.
  8. The blade length to the tang is 23.5" the tang is 5.25"
  9. I would like some help with the approx date on my type 19 Sukesada. I am not great at pictures but I am hoping to learn more about this sword. It appears to be a traditionally hand forged sword but please enlighten me if i wrong.
  10. Sukesada swords stretch over quite a long time right? To find the age, I would probably need to take pictures of the blade and post it to sword forum, correct?
  11. I would like to know the maker of this particular sword of mine to which I will hopefully figure out an approximant age.
  12. @Bruce Pennington no numbers on fittings
  13. Thank for that, Dave. It was early in the morning for me and im in the middle of a move so everything is crazy right now.
  14. Thats not the best news. What do you look for when it comes to this type of sword to see if its authentic or not
  15. I recently purchased this sword online along with the tassel. When i had received it everything seemed to look okay from the book. I did notice that it has numbers on the tang. Was that normal for these swords? Also, does the tassel seem authentic? Dawson's book seems to match it up good but I know it can be hard to tell if the tassels are real or fake.
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