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  1. I got an offer to buy a great koto blade so I have to say goodbye to the best piece in my collection Tsuda Echizen-no-kami SUKEHIRO 津田越前守助広. He was born in Kanei 14 (1637), Uchide town, Settsu domain, real name Jin'nosuke 甚之丞. He learned from the 1st gen. Soboro SUKEHIRO そぼろ助廣 to realize his ambition to be a swordsmith to obtain Echizen-no-kami 越前守 title in Meireki 3 (1657). He achieved success and won fame and in Kanbun 7 (1667), Aoyama Inabanokami Munetoshi 青山因幡守宗俊 (Karo top-ranking samurai officials) of Osaka castle employed him as a retainer with a 10 fuchi salary. At the age of 31st to 38th years old - from the eighth month of Kanbun seven (1667) onwards - he executed the dated signature of the ura side in grass script and applied a keshō to his yasurime and after 38 years old - from the second month of Enpō two (延宝, 1674), he executed the signatures of both sides in grass script His general workmanship transformed from Choji-midare of smaller clove in his early years then roundish gunome or gentle wave Suguha and surging waves of Toran-ba in his later age. He was a dominant smith in his time, has been highly prized as the most superior swordsmith to have a great impact on all swordsmiths in later ages. Died young in Ten'na 2 (1682), was 46 years old. The exceptional position of this swordsmith sufficiently confirms its ranking Fujishiro: Sai-jo saku Hawley: 100 Toko Taikan: 25 mil Yen Yamada Asaemon, who was the official sword cutting ability examiner and executioner of the Tokugawa shogunate, published a book "Kaiho Kenjaku" (懐宝剣尺) in 1797 in which he ranked the cutting ability of swords. The book lists 228 swordsmiths, whose forged swords are called "Wazamono" (業物) Tsuda Echizen Sukehiro received the second highest award Ó-wazamono (excellent) which only confirms his exceptional skills This sword is in the unique style of Naginata-naoshi Katana Despite much effort, I was unable to find a second blade from Sukehiro 2nd in this unique style Wide and thick, impressive shape from which radiates strength and respect Mei: Echizen no Kami Sukehiro Nagasa: 74.5 cm Sori: 1.8 cm Motohaba: 3.2 cm Sakihaba: 2.1 cm Kissaki: 3,3 cm Motokasane: 7.5 mm Nakago: Ubu, 2 mekugi-ana, zaimei Habaki: single silver with high quality shirasaya NBTHK: Tokubetsu Hozon Kitae is well grained ko-itame with ji-nie. Beautiful texture representing Osaka jigane Hamon is nie deki gunome midare toranba style continue from the hamachi to the Kissaki area The nakago bears the five character signature of Echizen no Kami Sukehiro, which was in use around Kanbun 6 ( 1666 ), the last year before taking up work at the Osaka castle. This sword is one of the first Works that he made in establishing his Toranba style and together with the unique shape represents an exceptional opportunity to own a blade from one of the best Shinto swordsmiths 32.000 EUR + PP fee or SEPA payment incl. shipping cost within EU Photos at Hi-Res are available here https://www.zonerama.com/Nihonto/Album/6268825
  2. Brano


    looks like Sanjo
  3. I offer for sale Tokubetsu Juyo Nado Zufu Set 1 to 8 .... 650, - EUR Individual books: TokuJu 1 ... 200, - EUR TokuJu 2 to 8 ... 80, - EUR Juyo Nado Zufu Set consisting of years: 1 to 7, 10 to 27, 37,45,53 (total 40 books) ... 1800, - EUR Individual books - price by agreement Flate rate postage for individual books within EU ... 10,- EUR
  4. Amazing news Yurie-san Congratulations. The book was found on Amazon easily and is already on its way to me
  5. Minamoto Kiyomaro is first pic Just for info so you don't confuse books after sale
  6. It may be interesting for someone to buy only books for the part they are dedicated to So I also offer sales for three separate sets KOTO I - III (3 books) ... 900, - EUR Shinto I-II (2 books) ... 600, - EUR Toso + Kodogu (2 books) ... 600, - EUR Still valid: postage to EU countries included BTW - this set is probably the best and most extensive set of books about nihonto Nearly 3,500 pages in large B4 format - a selection of the best If you look around - the price per set is 4-5k USD
  7. Thanks Bob for the warning Of course you're right Corrected
  8. I am offering for sale some other books 1. Supreme Sword Country Bizen ( Bizen Token Okoku ), A4, 187 pages, hardbound, Japanese/ English text, Sano museum, 2015 ... 90 EUR 2. Juyo Nado Zufu index ( 1 – 10 ) ... 40 EUR 3. Treasured Japanese sword, ( Takaramono no nihonto ), A4, softbound, 226 pages, list of contents in English, Sano museum , 2011 ... 60 EUR 4. Meito Zukan by Fujishiro all 28 vol., incl. English translation ( PDF ) ... 360 EUR 5. Japanes sword Gokaden – Yamato Den, Tanobe Michirino ... 50 EUR 6. Japanese sword dictionary ( Nihon tōkō jiten ) - just KOTO, Matsuo Fujishiro, 1964 ... 90 EUR 7. Tanto no Bi – The Beauty of Tanto:Iron Brightness, A4, hardbound, 162 pages, list of contents in English, Sano museum, 2009 ... 130 EUR 8. A Masterpiece is Reborn, A4, hardbound, 88 pages, list of contents in English, Sano museum, 2019 ... 80 EUR 9. Tsuba masterpieces collection, Junji Homma/ Kanzan Sato, 1963 ... SOLD + PP fees + shipping Sent from Slovakia - no additional charges within the EU
  9. For easier decision-making, I will offer postage included in the price within the EU
  10. I'm also a little confused by the choice for Shinshinto In my opinion nakago shows an older age at the bottom and see a change in corrosion for a gradual shortening over time From the sugata I would say koshizori which leads me to the late Kamakura But matsukawa, ko-nie ... I'm really curious about the result
  11. Nanbokucho, Soshu, Kaga - Sanekage
  12. I am offering for sale a complete set of 7 books Nihonto Taikan by Junji Homma / Kanzan Sato published Showa 41 to 47 (Koto vol.I-III, Shinto Vol. I-II, Toso-hen, Kodogu-hen) The whole set weighs about 40kg 1,800 EUR plus PP fee + postage No additional charges within the EU
  13. Yes Jean I fully agree with what you wrote When I use the term grinding, it does not mean that the togishi will use a coarse-grained tool
  14. From what I've heard - the handle is made of sediments that are formed when grinding the blade (the finest particles are used) And they are finer than the graininess of the finest stone Therefore, gradually correct using uchiko for blades in sashikomi will gradually improve the visibility of activities in the blade It takes many months or a few years And paradoxically by using the uchiko ofte, you will not achieve this result faster. On the contrary, you can cause damage
  15. Marius - you are opening a controversial topic that has been here several times and will probably be in the future :-) I think everything is said in the article you are referring to I am still just a newcomer and I will be for a long time. So it's just my subjective evaluation For blades with hadori polishing uchiko is not explicitly recommended because it gradually removes the cosmetic effect of hadori The use of the uchiko is very fine grinding Polishing itself is actually grinding For blades in sashikomi, the correct use of the quality uchiko is fine and even improves the visibility of activities in the blade But - according to the information I have, the number of togishi who can make traditional sasahikomi is very limiting and the vast majority of blades on the market are in hadori I would compare it to the routine work of most men - shaving The use of traditional stright razor brings an excellent result Provided that the razor is perfectly sharpened (quality uchiko) and the correct technique is used Otherwise, the result is known in advance - and we still do not want to run to the doctor The result with the shaving razor is satisfactory and significantly safer
  16. I am offering for sale 8 volumes of Tokubetsu Juyo Nado Zufu publications (volumes 1 to 8 ) The glued binding breaks down but the publications are complete The top cover is yellowed on older vintages. The inside pages are in excellent condition 900 EUR + Paypal fees The price includes postage to EU countries No additional fees within the EU - sent from Slovakia
  17. Nr.11 sold I offer postage within the EU in the price of the book
  18. I'm looking for a list of contents (index) for Tokubetsu Juyo Nado Zufu 24 Can you guys please help me someone and send a scan? Thanks a lot in advance
  19. Great week. Thanks Dieter another successful purchase
  20. Oh, I understand - you mean the book by Dmitry Pechalov
  21. Barry - you might be interested in this offer https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/b501365379
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