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  1. Does anyone have an English translation of comments for book Showa Daimeito Zufu's for sale? It can be a printed or electronic version Thanks in advance
  2. I offer for sale several books Rokushō Vol. 34 Bakumatsu Meiji no tsuba Tōsō kinkō - A4 format, paperback, 98 pages Selection from the Kiyomizu collection - first-class photos speak for themselves 70 EUR Meito Zufu, published 1935, 27 x 37 x 3 cm, hardcover, 230 pages Table of contents translated into English by Markus Sesko, kanteisho for each blade in Japanese. I sell this book only because after a long search I managed to buy Kokuho Token Zufu 320 EUR Tokugawa bijutsukan zō-hin - 21 x 27 cm, hardcover, 214 pages, Table of contents in English. 100 sharp photos of blades, 140 photos of koshirae and Kodogu 140 EUR Masamune to sono deshi - A4 format, paperback, 170 pages Publication published by the Sano Museum in 2002. Table of contents in English. The quality of the Sano Museum photos is renowned 120 EUR All prices + PP fees + shipping Sent from Slovakia - no additional charges within the EU
  3. Why is there a horizontal shift of the shinoji at the suriage blade? I assume that the cross-sectional image of the blade represents a place near nakago
  4. Dear Yurie-san, I believe your book will be out soon I'm already looking forward to it You are doing a great job
  5. Darcy does a great job of describing his items. Very interesting and engaging reading For me personally, this is exactly the type of blade when you can tell - everything else in the collection will look a bit dull. A beautiful set of blade and koshirae with an impressive history Great job and admiration for Darcy
  6. :-) Yes Robert - I agree, we all get the same time quickly and fairly (sometimes it seems to me that the older I get, the faster it all goes) When I followed the contributors in this thread, the vast majority of names didn't tell me anything (I came here in the summer of 2019) So I looked at the last logins and many have not been here for several years. I may be skeptical, but the average age of the guys we are here will probably be higher than the result of the poll + 10
  7. I accidentally discovered this thread. It would be interesting to see how the age group of nihonto enthusiasts has evolved over more than 10 years BTW, it was instructive reading and I could learn a little more about the healthy core of this forum. It seems that Jean is the "nihonto" positive for the longest time of those who published their story - admirable and honestly a little envious
  8. I did not know the term Dunnig-Kruger effect I think we meet him not only on forums but often in real life (and as for "nihonto" I can say for myself - I know I don't know anything)
  9. Thank you - I understand now I think Kirill meant that if the blade is a mumei and will show a high level of skill, it will be attributed to the best swordsmith of the school for the period whose characteristics the blade will exhibit. But yes - you are right. A great blade with clear features of early Nambokucho will not be attributed to the founder of early Kamakura The original intention of this post was the shodai vs. nidai and therefore it can be assumed that the blades of both were made in about the same period
  10. Price is not a discussion - in the end it is always determined by the market And then what level of the given commodity we can afford We probably all realize that for a few thousand USD it is not possible to buy a good blade (from a seller who understands what it sells)
  11. Sorry for my ignorance Jacques I don't know what you wanted to say by comparing two Rai blades (I would personally opt for the one attributed to Kunimitsu) From the sugata it seems to me that the blade attributed to Kunitoshi is apparently older than that attributed to Kunimitsu
  12. I fully agree Kirill from the beginning I was hoping to find a good koto mumei somewhere for an affordable price (and I'm probably not alone) However, I quickly realized that it was almost impossible for the reasons you stated
  13. at the bottom left could be a shallow ceramic / clay container with water - marked in yellow
  14. Yes Bruce - I know very well what you are talking about in real life On the other hand, I take the view of the personal freedom and the individual's own path. What satisfies the father / mother at work may not be satisfying their child. Life is short and everyone should, if possible, do what makes them happy - but it's a completely different topic
  15. I think the difference in generation is 20-30 years which should not affect tamahagane as such In addition, a good swordsmith, even after changing the place where he produced the blades maintained his quality and probably produced tamahagane from local sources. We can only assume many things today
  16. Jacques - may be wrong, but Shodai is Jo-Jo https://nihontoclub.com/view/smiths/list?id_op=%3D&id=&name_op=starts&name=masahiro&kanji_op=%3D&kanji=&province=68&start_era=All&school_nid=All
  17. Again, I had some fun with the camera This time Hizen Nidai Masahiro wakizashi - a few photos to share I searched a bit for good examples of his father's blades and I don't think this piece lags behind his father's skill Hawley, Toko Taikan and Fujishiro ratings are lower in all three cases I know that the exception always confirms the rule - but mostly I see a decline in the rating of skills for the younger generations in the line Is it due to the real loss of skills of future generations, or is it more the cause of the social prestige of the older generations?
  18. Tsuba Nr.4 Dimensions 84 x 82 x 5 mm Weight 102g Incl. kiri box Price - sold Tsuba Nr.5 Daisho Tsuba - Phoenix motive Dai Dimensions 83 x 78mm Thickness 4,5 / 7mm Weight 140g Sho Size 75 x 69mm Thickness 4 / 6,5mm Weight 108g Incl. kiri box Price 480USD/ 400 EUR Tsuba Nr.6 Dimensions 83 x 76 x 4,5 mm Weight 124g Incl. kiri box Price 290 USD/ 240EUR Plus PP fees and postage No customs duties within the EU - Sent from Slovakia Postage within Europe - flat rate 10 EUR
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