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  1. I tend to agree. The world stopped making sense to me some time ago
  2. From everything I have heard this is just an awful time to sell anything... It is a beautiful sword in beautiful fittings
  3. Bunch of pics of the blade. I was considering selling it but can't bring myself to do it especially in the current climate.. just love it
  4. I appreciate it. A shame there is no generation attribution. To assume take the era and Smith to figure it out? If so assume 2nd generation?
  5. I apologize. I can't seem to figure out how to make the orientation correct
  6. Wondering if anyone can help me with translation of this paper. Specifically looking for hopefully a date range or a specific generation it was made.. As always thanks for any help
  7. I will post some of my own but in the interim the interim click on the link of Stephen's sale. It has changed in no way and he took amazing pictures
  8. My buddy owns a house that just had a small fire. Due to his insurance he made out like a bandit and doesn't want to go through the issues involved in repairing said house (he has too much money to care) so long story short it appraises at 225 and including repairs it will cost me about 60 to make it mine. Doing everything I can to get there absent loans but stand to make about a $160000 if it goes right
  9. It is an understatement to say I am very sad to have to sale this sword. A rather unreasonable opportunity for an investment has come my direction so liquidating all that can be liquidated.. I'm happy for it to work some hopeful wonders so I might replace this in time. I have attached the description of When I purchased it. It will give better description and pictures than I am able to. Asking 4200 as that is what I paid for it
  10. Happy to report this blade has a new home. Thank you very much Ray for working with me on the purchase. To any potential buyers can't recommend him highly enough
  11. Honestly I have been a member for several years and have made several donations but have never even known purchasing a membership was an option. How does one go about such a thing?
  12. From what I have found personally keep an eye on the for sale section on this forum. Also Ray Singer that is a member has a website with some amazing things reasonably priced
  13. 600 For a mixture of the awesome idea to give a donation to the site and the above
  14. So a friend of mine just purchased this on eBay. Ofcourse I told him eBay is a frightening place and best to steer clear but so it goes. He sent me some pictures of the listing and was wondering what u guys think of it.. He paid 1100 for it before I knew he bought it.. I have referred him to the for sale section here for future purchases. It is 60 cm so not sure if it would be an uchigatana or an o-wakizashi. It doesn't seem like the worst buy but eBay is just such a scary place
  15. I have a 1600s era nice unsigned wak that will fit your price range. Nothing dramatic as far as mounts but a good starter wak.. 20211206_100522_01.mp4
  16. Thanks for the replies.. a pic of the "mei"
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