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  1. Thanks for the replies.. a pic of the "mei"
  2. Yep that's the guy.. Of course I'm weary of eBay in general but thought it was a good looking little blade so offered 300 and he had it listed for 2000. Needless to say did not expect him to accept it. Mei is Hasebe Kunishige so that checks off the gimei part of the collection
  3. Made a silly lowball offer on this wakizashi that to my surprise was accepted.. Looks interesting to my relatively untrained eyes. Surely a gimei blade but weirdly happy to have a inexpensive forgery in my collection. Wondering thoughts about it
  4. 1st thought is wait until April sword show and do nthk but that is a lifetime away
  5. Recently purchased a Norimitsu katana via the board and wondering how is the most expeditious route of theoretical authentication.. Honestly my preference would be Sayagaki from Tenobi but A. Have no idea how to pursue B. It is in new Black koshirae and would be amazing in white on koshirae but don't know if that is possible
  6. And I thought I was a gambler! Buying a sword without seeing it is the whole other thing. Hope it works out
  7. I think Brian says it best in the what to do when buying a sword or something links. You're 1st 3 or 4 swords should be books. I did not follow that philosophy and wasted thousands of dollars.
  8. It's not certain if it fits your parameters but Watson has one listed in the for sale section
  9. Amazed the norishige stopped at 55.. I would have bought it for that
  10. My thought was a matsudaira clan blade in a late edo koshirae. But too many unknowns to go that high
  11. I bowed out at 75. Too many beautiful things you can buy for that much money that i know what is
  12. Heard and donation happily sent. Thank you for providing the platform for this amazing service
  13. If it goes in the 4 digits with premium it's mine
  14. I was the 3250 bid but just got outbid. Going to bid live via the auction house as the premiums are less. The lot currently up is number 11 and it is 65. Should be around 11:15 or so
  15. Beautiful sword regardless tim
  16. Better not be 1 too many gimei!😉
  17. They will need pictures of the full blade. As detailed as possible
  18. Well this thread makes me sad. Planning to bid what I thought was a kind of obscene amount on something this Friday but if the above auction is any reference it should go for about 100k. Wtf
  19. I can't really disagree with the logic from the seller's perspective. According to them it is from an estate and they would have to get a waiver signed to dismantle it and with all they have coming up they are not interested in doing so.. But I will say if they did so that would negate the gamble and makes it a bit less fun.. I just sent a tanto that I essentially discovered out of happenstance and posted on the board a few years ago to Bob Benson for his opinion. Much to my surprise he offered me $7000 for it so now I've got that money kind of burning a hole and I figure this gamble is better than blackjack.
  20. Newest response I got form the house is that they are not comfortable dismantling to check the nakago for signature. Kind of contradictory to what they said last week but peeks the gambler within
  21. Just sold a tanto for 7 so still contemplating the gamble.. And the premium is 25 through the auction house...
  22. Well love the horimono and the mounts of this... question posed is how much money considering it is an unsigned blade would make me an asshole to spend on it?
  23. It didn't even meet the opening 500 dollar bid
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