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  1. Thanks guys. Searching routledge led me to the cambridge history of Japan, which I had heard of but couldn't remember the name until now. Thoughts on it?
  2. I've got a copy of Heiki monogatari on my bookshelf but I'm waiting to read it. I did something similar with greek history. I read some general books, then read some in depth stuff, & then read Homer. It helped me compare the homeric stories to the historically accurate stuff in my head. I'd like to do the same with heiki but cant find in depth material in english.
  3. Hello, this isnt related to swords but I noticed "history" in the board description so I hope its ok to ask here. I'm looking for english books on samurai history and am having a hard time finding anything substantial. I've read Chaplin's three unifiers book and a few other general Japanese history books but I want in depth stuff about samurai. From the earliest recordings up to the edo period is what I'm interested in but my searches mostly pull up edo samurai stuff. Open to an edo book if it's a really good one but I want to know more about the earlier samurai. Thanks in advance, Robert P.
  4. Yea I was wondering if it would get dust on it that would cause damage to the polish when wiping it down. I have some replicas that have sat out bare blade awhile and I dont see any dust on them. Doesnt mean it isnt there though, like microdusts in the oil or something?
  5. Hello, I did a quick search of the board and didnt find this topic so forgive me if it has been discussed already. Would there be any issues for a blade to sit on display long term with no protection? I'm thinking of taking some out of shirasaya and setting them out. My AC is always on 68F so I dont think humidity would be a problem? What about dust and stuff? Dont really want a glass case, just want them chillin in the open on a stand but I'm not gonna risk rusting. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and knowledge. Rob P.
  6. Ken, I've thought before about trying all sorts of modern knots on a sageo. To see if they look cool and just to learn how to tie different kinds of knots. That site is great, the knot of the day especially will make it easy for someone casual about it like me to pick up some new knots. Thanks! -Rob
  7. Is the book excerpt from markus earlier in this thread from the 'encyclopedia of Japanese swords'?
  8. Wish I could find a video guide for some unique knots that look good. All I've been able to find is the butterfly knot posted above and slight variations like the 'ronin knot' which is basically the same knot except the cord doesnt go both ways. I've gotten a bit bored having the same knot on every sword.
  9. Suprised nobody has jumped on this yet
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