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  1. Up for sale it this beautiful ww2 officers sword with company grade tassel. Sword smith I believe is Murayama Kaneshige. Blade is in very nice war time polish with some light scraches ect. But there are no flaws or chips to the blade. I'm having trouble uploading imagines due to size restrictions but pm me if anyone interested an I can send more. I am asking $2500Aud obo which includes express post and insurance within Australia
  2. I would like to know also if this was a mistake🤔
  3. I'm assuming it has been repolished, this is how I brought it. I don't think war time polish was this good? Thabks
  4. Hi leen I was able to negotiate a better price it was still expensive but I'm more then happy with it.
  5. Hi all thought I would share deffently the best sword I have owed. Hard to believe this is a war time Smith. Would love to here everyones thoughts on this one Thanks Brodie
  6. Still learning guys but here are the measurements Any help would great thanks. Nagasa = 60.5cm Kissaki = 4cm Nakago = 15.4cm Ha-macgi - Mune-Machi = 2.8cm Yokote = 1.95cm Sori = 2.5cm
  7. Have added one without the habaki will get better pictures later
  8. Hello here's one I recently pickup, it's unsigned. And information would be appreciated. Thanks P.S the rust is a deep black colour but appears brown in the photos. I will try to take some outside photos later.
  9. Hi yes it looks really long in the photo but yes it fits the scabard. Thanks
  10. I received this with the sword but I'm not sure how correct it is?
  11. I received this with the sword not sure how accurate it is. Th a ks
  12. Hi death-ace yes I picked up the 2 as part of a trade
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