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  1. I recently found something that somewhat confuses me. For a while I always thought Masamune was held as the greatest Japanese swordsmith and thus the Nihon sansaku, but according to yuhindo the best of the Nihon sansaku is toshiro yoshimitsu. I have been having trouble finding the source of the claim,which is apparently the nbthk's token bijutsu, as I can't find an archive. So is yoshimitsu held in higher regard than Masamune? https://yuhindo.com/awataguchi-yoshimitsu/
  2. Thank you the links. Do you know any place that sells English translated Nihon toko jiten for a decent price.
  3. Is this record on rai kunitoshi correct https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/KUN1410? The thing that is currently confusing me about this is in this record his toko taikan 35 million yen but the record for when he would just sign kunitistoshi https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/KUN1408 says its 20 million yen. Any sort of answer would be helpful as I currently can't find a place that sells toko taikan that has it in stock.
  4. Fair enough. I am new to this sort of thing so the rankings are all currently have to compare different swordsmiths. I was more curious as to what made him such a highly regarded swordsmith as I am currently having trouble finding info on his works when he signed rai kunitoshi. Any links to good sources would be helpful.
  5. Is toko taikan still a good one to use? Also thank you for the information. I am in particular curious how rai kunitoshi compares to other swordsmiths of his era such as Masamune. Which is why I asked this question as I have no means to compare Sai jo saku swordsmiths of the same era.
  6. The question was more focused on his toko taikan and Hawley ratings. Specifically for when he changed his style and signature. In particular nihonto club's database has 2 separate pages one for him one for when he signed kunitoshi and one for when he signed rai kunitoshi. What I in particular want to know is if his 3500 toko taikan ranking and his his 300 Hawley ranking for his later works still apply if they are the same person?https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/KUN1408 https://nihontoclub.com/smiths/KUN1410
  7. I have been trying to do research on rai/niji kunitoshi and have a question. Niji kunitoshi has a toko taikan ranking of 2000 and a Hawley ranking of 200. Nihonto club's database says rai kunitoshi has a toko taikan ranking of 3500 and a Hawley ranking of 300, but some other sources say rai kunitoshi has the same toko taikan and Hawley rankings as niji kunitoshi. So does rai kunitoshi have a 3500 and 300 ranking, or 2000 and 200 ranking?
  8. While trying to find nihonto sellers I came across a website called samurai antiques.com. It seems to be located in Australia. Does it seem trustworthy?
  9. How much would it cost?
  10. will post one tomorrow if I can get one. I don't have a very good camera.
  11. Is japanesesword.com a good website to buy nihonto? I found out about it through sword buyers guide.com.
  12. Then I hope what I think is one on my sword isn't.
  13. This may sound stupid, but can a hagire be repaired or is it impossible? I can't find any answer to whether or not it can.
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