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  1. Thank you Stephen! I already own that volume (Shinshinto) but for anyone else, this particular volume has a great section on spotting gimei. That section alone is worth the price of the book! If you don't have this, hit up Stephen now. Getting these individual titles are harder than you would expect.
  2. I just need Koto 1 and Koto 3 for my set. Please ping me if you have extra copies. I already asked Grey to keep me in mind if he sees available copies. Thanks Ben
  3. Well, in our Goodwill, you have to drive around the 2 bags in your trunk for a few weeks before dropping it off. Or is that custom just in my house?
  4. Thank you Robin! I didn't know it was covered in such good detail. Reading the thread now.
  5. I would put a stipulation that in the middle of the book, there needs to be a nude Playboy centerfold. Or at least, you on a bearskin rug in your birthday suit holding all your swords!
  6. I love this! That's how I think about it too! More often than not, I will meet someone who is living kinda far from a big city who is scouring the local pawn shops for samples. I have 3 swords that I started with and I always offer them at cost (after helping them search for the beginner's resources/books online of course). I think this is the only way to help propagate this hobby. Even for me, I just started this year in buying more advance study books and these are probably the most expensive books I've ever purchased! From a beginner's standpoint, its like wanting to get into cars as a hobby but everyone is telling them to buy the car repair manual first! So it can be a losing battle when you are trying to get someone new into this hobby that might share your excitement over it. My family appreciates what I have. I think my sons will probably take good care of them because they do see me dote over the blades and just quietly doing maintenance on them. If anything, it might be a sentimental way to remember me by. The first time I went to a sword show, this man and woman walks in to the room. They find an empty table. There was an announcement that there are some new sellers just came in and I kid you not, everyone came flocking to the table and they were so overwhelmed. it was like ringing the dinner bell for a bunch of pups! The husband and wife just kept glancing at each other as people were taking the swords apart and giving offers. Apparently, one of their relatives had passed away and they were just trying to sell the swords. They had no idea what the prices were. I guess hat might be a happy ending for those who are left with the collection? I wonder though how many collections are quietly brought to a pawn shop or put in a closet. A few years ago, my wife and I inherited a collection of jazz vinyl albums. They've been in the closet for 20+ years. Stored in a box. Maybe I need to take a look over them this weekend as I'm sure, the previous owners doted on them and enjoyed listening to their music.
  7. ah, in my frustration, I kept typing nagasa instead of nakago. Thats how crazy I've been obsessed over this! Gentlemen, thank you for the tips! I need to open it up a little bit and not focus so much on this. You all make very good points in looking at the overall shape including kissaki. I think I've been methodically breaking this down and concentrating on this most basic quality to the point of frustration. Even when looking at the illustrations in the book(s) (where I do know its more pronounced) sometimes I can't see it. So I've been opening the different books to just train my eye and looking at the shapes and description. I'm glad to know that it might be a matter of training the eye and viewing different examples.. At least, in the paper kantei, I'm getting shape aligned to the period correctly but it all goes to the crapper shortly thereafter. :-) Anyway, patience and diligence is key. In the next meeting, I will have to walk around and ask the more senior members to help point out the line of thinking in assessing these points. Again thank you!!
  8. So I've been buying more advance books and going to the in-person sword meetings specifically to get better at kantei. I have been learning and remembering the terminology and getting the hang of identifying key points of kantei namely 1) sugata 2) jigane 3) Hamon/boshi 4)nakago. Been reading Markus' kantei series a little slowly. So here's the problem, when it comes to seeing the blades in person, unless its a naginataoshi which will clearly be sakizori, everything looks torii-sori to me. It like when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Specially in kantei when you can't look at the entire blade with the bare nakago. Any tips to get pass this? its getting frustrating.
  9. This hobby, unfortunately, has a very high price of entry. Both in terms of cost and in terms of time spent learning and reading. I know I've been on and off with the hobby for just a few years and just recently got into purchasing some more advanced books. With that said, encouraging, educating and raising the next generation requires a lot of patience (and not to make too much of a general statement but alot of nihonto hobbyists are set in their ways and few have the patience to spare). I for one, engage my 14 year old son in these types of pursuits. A few years ago, we purchased a shinto gimei katana at the SF sword show (Sunday Super sale special) so he can look after it. We changed some pieces of it but its now time to pass it on. So I'll pass it on to someone at the cost I bought it for. For my collection, I think ultimately I will cycle through them and see if I can find like minded individuals who liked the same stuff I like. Mostly shinto and shin shinto swords. But chances are, I will probably do this sooner rather than later. It will form good bonds and friendships that way. Learning together is better for propagating interest in this pursuit. Succeed together, fail together.
  10. I wonder, specially for folks who might not have a plan for their collection in the long term future, have you guys started thinking about passing some of your treasures on to new caretakers not so much to fund a new purchase but in the event that your sword will outlast your stewardship? I have a meager collection and I already have nephews eyeballing some of my blades (and I already know they wont get any of them since it will not be taken care of). I definitely have some swords that I definitely will pass on sooner as someone's first nihonto and I have given some as housewarming presents to dear friends of Japanese heritage. But what does the future hold for us? I saw Stephen sell one of his prized katanas, carefully selecting the next caretaker. Ron has also started liquidating his collection. Have you seen this cycle in your years of collecting? How do you pass your collection off? Sell? Give? Edit: As Rob pointed out, it looks like there was a great discussion about this very topic a few years back! Let me ask the question a little differently. How do you assess that its time to let go of your collection or even a singular blade for that matter? Aside from needing the funds for other purchases, what goes through your line of thinking when you give up a sword or like Ron Watson, liquidate the whole thing and put it all behind you. When you gave up the collection, did you have any regrets or is it just a good do-over? Ben
  11. This thread is one post away from some amateur polishing discussions.
  12. I have the digital and printed copies of multiple books. Markus' encyclopedia for instance, Yurie's book (though you can argue that you can probably read her blog online anyway), and several others that are available on Kindle or as published pdf's. Honestly, digital has its place but if I'm studying a sword, I want all my books sprawled in front of me so I can quickly take a look at my references. The same goes with the newsletters. I do read Paul Martin's newsletter in pdf but I appreciate that the NCJSC publishes printed newsletters that I can collect and put in a binder. Ultimately, I scan these so its readily available on my devices but only as backup or if I'm waiting for the wife to finish grocery shopping and I have a bit of time to sit and read while on the go. As for getting printed copies of pdf files, its a bit problematic because places that print PDFs obviously don't want to be printing bootleg books. I bought Roger's Tadayoshi book a while back and I asked for his permission if I can print out a personal copy (which he said he was ok with) but I can't get anyone to professionally print it for me and bind it. I guess Lulu is already doing what you described Bruce where they print when an order comes in. But publishers like that are few and hard to find.
  13. As someone who has been trying to get better at this, I think just not knowing the process of kantei is a blocker. I've read Markus' kantei articles as well as try to remember the points in Connoisseurs. But unless you see it applied in practical methodology where someone is describing why or why they didn't take that direction in their bids, I get lost between the information and the practical application. I think mostly since I'm second guessing my knowledge as well as in the end, I dont know where I went wrong. In this past SF sword meeting, there was an exercise to kantei some great swords and it was clearly laid out what the expectations were from each school. I thought that was amazing. As a participant, I was able to concentrate on what I wanted to look at (specifically where I felt I knew what I was looking at based on my current knowledge). Got a D (2/5 right)! I had never been so happy in getting a D in my life! At any rate, if you join the NCJSC, there's a monthly zoom kantei meeting. Although I failed miserably, 1/3 points right, I gained so much more in the walking through of the thought process and what I should be looking at for the next time. Just my two cents.
  14. Quick update, UPS is not able to retrieve the sword. So per the UPS store, they will contact me once the insurance check comes in. Its a bummer since this sword was a true gem. Healthy Sukesada koto sword and priced to accommodate a polish. It literally got lost in the last mile towards restoration after 700 odd years. Hopefully it will turn up again.
  15. Hi everyone, This is the sword I reported lost in a different thread. Just in case in turns up somewhere, this is the missing sword. In the true sense of preservation and restoration, this is a healthy Sukesada koto blade that I wanted to get polished and housed in a new Shirasaya. This was a real gem that Ray had offered years ago. I had wanted to surprise the forum as well to show that this board does truly saves and preserves swords (If only UPS had the same goals. But that's on a different thread.) Just keep an eye out please if it does turn up in your neck of the woods. Thanks Ben
  16. Thanks for the feedback and support guys. I think they are unable to find it now since it was delivered to a completely different address. Also, I'm not getting as much details on the status from the UPS store. I think they were trying to get it back from the place they delivered it to but no word yet. I was hoping that it just got lost in their facility or something like that but since it was physically delivered and out of their hands, I doubt that it will come back. Funny thing is that I had a specific receiver to sign for it (Woody Hall) and when I finally got a status from the delivery, it says signed by HALL from the different address?! So it just sounds all bogus from that point on. I an going to try registered mail next time. Hopefully, it will be much better.
  17. I sent a sword to Woody for polishing. Shipped it through the UPS Store. UPS in Las Vegas delivered it to the wrong address and can not locate it. A few things I learned. 1) When you ship from the UPS Store, they are technically the shipper. UPS will not file a claim from the customer (shipper). The only folks who can file a claim are the shipper (UPS Store) or the receiver. 2) Make sure you note signature required and pay for the appropriate insurance coverage, 3) Contact the receiver right away when you get the notification that it has been delivered. Even when it states signature required, it looks like they won't collect a signature. And since you are not technically a shipper, you're not going to be able to get a copy of the proof of signed receipt. 4) Good luck with updates and follow through with the UPS store. You have to keep calling them and be a pain in their butts for them to follow up. Luckily, Woody has been a good partner in helping me file a claim for this. Hopefully I get the sword back. Its not looking too likely.
  18. don't be this guy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDU_VmcIaXI We are not or will ever be samurai. Just lucky caretakers.
  19. I was there as well on Sat and Sun . These pictures are making me kick myself for not being there Friday!
  20. Thank you Steve. I sent an email about the one from gihieya but they've been unresponsive. I was hoping someone locally had one within that price range.
  21. Thank you Matt! Looking into these links now.
  22. Does anyone know of any leads for a papered Dotanuki katana?
  23. Hi everyone, Its been a while but glad to see that the familiar folks are active on the board! Went to the SF sword show this weekend and had a blast. Missed out on some gems specially a katana that Grey and Mark had at the table. Was gone by the time I got back from getting more funds but that's how it goes. Did get 2 new swords: Wakizashi is signed Iga no Kami Sadatsugu (mid 1600) rated wazamono. koshirae and shirasaya included. Katana is mumei but shows alot of activity on the hamon. Potentially Ichigo? Met a lot of friendly faces. Andy Quirt is awesome. He saw me walking around with my son on Saturday. When I went back Sunday to purchase some swords, he gives me a tsuba to give to my son for his collection. Not overly crowded but seems busier compared to the last one in 2019.
  24. Happy New Year everyone! I wonder if there are similar stories in the US with bring back swords. https://soranews24.com/2019/08/15/cool-housewarming-bonus-free-Japanese-katanas-potentially-carved-by-a-master-craftsman/
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