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  1. Thank you Bruce, helpful as always i will certainly read the post and already earlier read some nice conversations around the origins and naming of this type on this forum. once I have the katana properly documented I will post some more pictures thank you again and best regards Erwin
  2. Thank you very much for your reply Uwe this is much appreciated Have a great day erwin
  3. Dear all, Recently I acquired a type 3 “landingsword” ( and sorry if I have the type wrong as I see statements on Type 0, Style 44 as well) . i would appreciate it if you can help with the translation of the Mei. It is signed on both sides and please see the pictures attached thank you very much for your assistance and with best regards Erwin
  4. Thank you very much Ray, much appreciated. with best regards erwin
  5. Good day to you all Recently i acquired a Gunto in a very good condition and from what I know, learned, heard and figured out the translation of the Mei reads as in the picture. Would appreciate it a lot if one of the experts on this forum could perform a check and verify if it is correct. Thank you very much and with best regards Erwin
  6. Good day to you all, Recently came across this sword which was made in 1941. The blade itself comes from the era but the mountings seems to be a mix of late Edo and WO2 add-ons. The tsuba, tsuka and green type Ito at least I would think. You would kind of think the oposite as benchmark, an older blade fitted with in WO2 style. Could it be that an older family blade was replaced with a less expensive version to take to war? just guessing here….. Anyhow, thought I would shere some pictures for you info. best regards and have a great remainder of the day Erwin
  7. Thank you Steve for your assistance and all the information provided amazing, brilliant and really happy with all the feedback on the forum have a great day and best regards erwin
  8. Hi Mal in addition to your remark on the tsuba and the rest of the setup, it seems to be more late Edo time period. Could it be ( just fantasizing) that the original family sword was replaced with this later version and brought to war? thank you Erwin
  9. Hi Mal thank you so much for this information and the time you took to enlighten this further much appreciated and as always amazed by the willingness on this forum to educate and show patience with the yet non-educated will surely digg into this further so thanks agan and have a great day best regards Erwin
  10. Thank you again for the suggestions John will certainly digg into this further and see what I can find. there seems to be a smith Toshinaga that worked and signed under the name of Junyo 1893/1956, also known as Zennosuke Kato. more question marks ha ha thank you all Erwin
  11. Hi all, a bit of search revealed that the Jumyo school has its origin from Yamato. The unique name means something like life span or longevity and its tradition continued for centuries till the end of Edo in 1868. i was told this sword was from around 1927 so was trying to find some clues as to where to position it in time. can someone tell me what the second part of the signing means “十六年” thank you so much for your assistance erwin
  12. Hi all, thank you so much for your involvement and information I agree on the Kiri style yasurime, it is the first I have in the collection as well. I am more into WW2 types but bought this version to help someone out. Thank you Uwe for you information: Seems to be signed “壽命” (Jumyō) “十六年” was hoping it would be dated but guess not? So Jumyo is all it states and will try to find out more info so I can somehow place it in time. The Kissaki is also very large. thank you again, always extremely impressed you knowledge and respons time Best regards and a great day to you all Erwin
  13. Dear all, can you please help me with the translation of the Mei please. I bought this sword recently and think it was made around 1927 but truly not too sure. The sword has the leather cover ( although it has seen better days) over the Saya so fairly sure it has been around WO2. Also added some detail shots that will hopefully help thank you for your help, much appreciated best regards Erwin
  14. Thank you all for your help, very much appreciated and with the information you all so kindly provided. have a great day best regards erwin
  15. Thank you Chris for all the time and spend on this. always amazed by the enormous pool of knowledge in this group and the willingness to help, so thank you Indeed, the sword is offered for purchasing and ai am still looking for a family blade refurbished for the WO2 but certainly not desperate on this . Time enough i am also looking at what seems to be a 17 century blade in WOll mountings which is interesting. That apparently is a Tachi version in WOll gunto mounting but bares no signature to be sure. Anyhow, more to study on have a great day and thank you again Erwin
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