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  1. Hi all just used an old japanse worn out butchers table to display love seeing all you pictures, great initiatives have a great day erwin
  2. Dear both, Thank you very much and always so impressed by the knowledge and responsiveness of the members. Amazing and much appreciated I have decided to purchase the sword as well Best regards Erwin
  3. Dear all, In general, I post more in the WW2 shin gunto section but I came across a Katana today, mumei but with some marking on the Koiguchi. I am not to familiar with these types of Katana ( my interest is more in the WW2 executions) but as it is stated by the owner that it originates from the 18th century, I promissed to help and see if someone can help with the translation of the text. What are your thoughts on this? this would be highly appreciated and thank you for your time to do this with kindest regards Erwin
  4. Thank you all for your input, extremely helpful. I was most set off by the replacement of the retention screws, looks indeed like a replacement of some kind. Reason for asking is that it is for sale and I am still missing this Initial type NCO but will pass on this one. best regards and thank you Erwin
  5. Hi to all Recently came across the NCO type 95 as shown in the attachment pictures. Although the marking points to a Nagoya Arsenal Kokura version, there is something strange on the connection of the tsuka. Only the blade has the classification production number, not the saya. Done my best to find a reference with the same front mounting and I read about prototypes being made that served as references for production on other locations. Could also be just an imitation and plane fake. does this look familiar to anyone? Thank you and best regards Erwin
  6. Hi Steve, Attached a couple of more pictures I took of some details and Bruce, also took the Saya throat of for some additional pictures. It is much similar to the pictures you shared Best regards Erwin
  7. Hi Bruce Thanks for your reply and I have not done this so far but for sure will give it a try in the next day or so and provide you with some pictures. Best regards Erwin
  8. The black NCO version I have, just some pictures to show you all, I have no evidence the black is applied post war, nor if it is applied during production. Indeed, book references state that black is rare as shown in the picture. Best regards Erwin
  9. Dear All, Regarding the NCO Black colour discussion, this is the version I have. I understand these are rare as discribed in various books (see attached) but have no evidence this Black is applied post production. Best regards Erwin
  10. Hi Stephan, Still working on the full description of the sword but thought I would share at least the first 2 which I finished today. Thanks again for the help, more details will follow when I have these ready Best regards Erwin
  11. Hi Stephen, I will certainly share photos in due time. Still strugling a bit to get the locking mechanism to work properly but will get it fixed. Once done I will document it properly and will share the pictures. Thank you for the interest and have a great day Best regards Erwin
  12. Thank you very much for your help, great and sorry I had the picture displayed upside down Best regards Erwin
  13. Dear all, Today I was able to buy a Shin Gunto and you were so very helpful in translating the Mei to Mishina Yoshiaki. While picking up the sword today, the seller showed me a Naval dagger which had a signing as well and wonder what you think of this. The blade is in a pretty poor condition unfortunately Thank you for any assistance you can provide Best regards and have a great day Erwin
  14. Thank you Trystan, today I was able to purchase this. Many thanks for your help Best regards Erwin
  15. Dear Geraint, Thank you very much for the lead, very much appreciated. Have a great weekend Erwin
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