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  1. Hello, Thank you ! My english is not that good..... For the flag, not a Japanese one ? I didn't found Japanese flags or banners with metallic final tip, ''always'' a wooden square shape , isn't it ?
  2. Hello, Thank you !! ( But what can it be ?? )
  3. Hello, these pictures for the similarities... Bishamonten spear ??
  4. I dismantle it, Sorry, here is the complete staff, wood part seems later add / european ??
  5. Hello dear members, I wanted to show you this item: maybe a staff/ spear head made in the style of a buddhist monk staff or a ritual yari-trident jumonji like spear... Just a deco but the steel/iron part seems well made and forged not cast What do you think ? Kind regards
  6. Meiji Period ? Maybe later ?? What do you think ? Than you
  7. Thank you so much for your precious message !! Bugyotsuji, thousand thanks for the translation of the kanji leading to Kintaro !! And yes, surely a bear, find this one of Kintaro and his bear with the same face-expression Kind regards !!!!
  8. Hello, Thank you Pietro for your answer and links-pictures, I totally agree with you for the general shape for the model of the ''statue'' and the massive shape-body of the animal but here the statue has fingers on the paws ( 5 and 4 back ) and no hoofs, strange tail and more importantly, a head ( without horns ) with pointed muzzle and with whiskers/moustache... Seems like a rat/cat on steroîds !! just a fantasy of the maker ??
  9. Mei ? / Signature and a sign on the belly of the character ... Every comment suggestion is welcomed Kind regards
  10. Started quickly without text !! Sorry !! dear members, I wanted to show this bronze statue / maybe an incense burner I just received. Sadly some cracks and the ( what I think was ) the flute is missing I think it's Japanese , maybe Meiji Era, with delicate goldening on the flute player and interesting kind of red ans silver clouds ? and a Moon ? on the animal. First I thought it was a bull or a big cat but now I have it, I think it's a big rat of some kind of fabulous animal , maybe a yokai ? Does anybody know the ''signature'' on the statues and maybe what represent these characters ??
  11. Hello, Thank you all for your answers !! I wonder why they take time for make fake mei signatures... the rest of the sword is no perfect at all so they can't pretend a high price and sell it as a real one
  12. Hello, Thank you , I know, they are ( voluntarily ?) blurry... here other interesting pics. Kind regards !
  13. Here the signature, What do you think ?? can anybody please translate if possible ? Kind regards
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