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    Interested in learning of Japan's history too.
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  1. So I'm shipping a sword and fuchi kashira over to Poland. Both over 100yrs old. I'd use the 9706 code? The f/k have papers. The sword has not, it is also mumei so there's not a lot I can do to attest to the age. What do I do there?
  2. Nice! If I had 750k yen spare I totally would haha. Best of luck.
  3. This offer no longer valid as Kinai has sold. Also, PayPal would be the preferred method of payment. Cheers.
  4. Bump, pulling from sale Monday, UK time zone.
  5. Or £350 for the Kinai and fuchi kashira
  6. If bought with the Kinai I have up, save £20. £400 instead of £420
  7. How I missed this links tab is beyond me lol thanks again! Lots of them to scroll.
  8. Hi all. Just looking for a few website recommendations for buying armour, nihonto and nihonto related items. I know the more popular ones but would like to know a few.. less popular/known ones. Long as they're honest dealers lol. I don't mind where they're located long as they can ship overseas. Thanks.
  9. Decided that I will sell these after all. More of a sword person me. Forgive me if my terminology of Tosogu is off! Material: Shibuichi with gold inlay. Jidai: Late Edo. Mei: Naoyoshi Kaō. Info: Design of a man and umbrella flying in the sky. Finished with gold inlay. They're papered, however not by the NBTHK or NTHK. A fine example nonetheless. Great condition. With shitadome. Box included. Measurements: Fuchi length: 4.7cm Fuchi width: 2.1cm at widest point Fuchi height: 2.4cm Nakago ana height: 3.7cm Nakago ana width: 0.7cm at widest point, 0.2cm at thinnest point. Kashira length: 4.4cm Kashira width: 1.9cm Kashira height: 0.6cm £250 Free postage for NMB members! :D
  10. Hahaha pass them off as Juyo ???? lol I'll keep the certificate for aesthetic value as said.
  11. Yeah I suppose most paperwork outside of NBTHK, NTHK NPO and the like doesn't really mean much. Not a huge deal to me though. Cheers for the info so far btw, appreciate it.
  12. Done by a shop in Osaka or somewhere according to a friend. Not a problem though, decent f/k and I didn't break the bank for 'em. Just need to learn to identify various papers. Lol.
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