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  1. So it's Eiroku! ☺ Thank you for the pointers!
  2. Hello, I just acquired the Tanto in the photos attached. It came with a NTHK certificate atributing it to Noshu Seki ju Kanefusa. However, the Noshu Seki ju Kanefusa is a whole lineage of sworsmiths spanning along a few hundreds of years. Is there any hint about which Kanefusa made this tanto? Any other information about the shape or the hamon will be welcomed. Regards, Marius
  3. Marius G

    Tanto Help

    Thank you Paul for clarifications!
  4. Marius G

    Tanto Help

    Excuse my ignorance, but based on what is this tanto considered to be shinto? Why cannot it be Muromachi for example? But is it a tanto or a short wakizashi, as the nagasa seems to be rather long? So how long exactly is the nagasa?
  5. Very interesting question, and the answer is yes. Ttheoretically both techniques you mentioned could be used for identifying old signatures (the signatures are usually chiseled and during chiselling the material is compressed both vertically and sideways). However, this is not done because it is extremely costly, and unless you have a lost Masamune (figuratively speaking) the cost for reading the signature will exceed by more than ten times the price of the sword.
  6. Thank you very much for the translation and explanations! I noticed that the "kogatana" looks suspiciously new and that the hamaon and signature are etched. So I suspected it is a new item, but wasn't sure. Thank you again for your assistance!
  7. Hello, Can somebody please help me with the translation of the text on the kogatana in the photo? Regards, Marius G
  8. Thank you very much for the info! Will try to get the book. Have a nice weekend!
  9. Thank you very much again for your help! I trust the sword/signature is genuine as I bought it from AoiArt/Japan and it also has the NBTHK Tokubetsu Kicho paper. Best regards... and have a nice weekend! Marius G
  10. Thank you very much for your reply! Does Bitchu Daijo mean something? Is it a good swordsmith? I bought the sword because I liked the shape and the Hamon, but I have no idea whether the sword is of good quality or not, or whether the swordsmith is good or not. Anyhow the sword looks very nice, with very fine hada and very beautiful hamon. And I will certainly take very good care of it!
  11. Hello, Please help me with the translation on the Fuchi of my Katana by Masanaga (see the other topic I opened in the Nihonto section)! Regards, Marius G
  12. Hello, Not long ago I got this Katana by Masanaga (signed HIZEN KUNI BICHU DAIJO FUJIWARA MASANAGA). I would like to learn more about the sword and its maker, so any comment would be welcomed! Regards, Marius G
  13. Very interesting and educating comments! Thank you very much for helping me! While I have absolutely no specific knowledge about when Katate-uchi swords appeared and disappeared, saying that for example beginning with 1530 Katate-uchi fell out of favour sounds like saying that beginning with 1970 propeller airplanes fell out of favour... but it doesn't mean that they abruptly stopped being produced and used... as we can see propeller planes being produced and used even today. In my understanding...
  14. What I can tell you is that the sword is sufficiently light to be comfortably handled with one hand, that's why I thought it may be a katate-uchi.
  15. Yes, I think I got the idea! Thank you!
  16. Thank you! Have a nice weekend!
  17. Thank you very much and... ... have a nice weekend! Marius G
  18. Hello, Can somebody please help me with the identification of the Kogatana in the attached photos? Regards, Marius
  19. Thank you very much! Now I begin to understand (see my reply to Hamfish). Have a nice weekend!
  20. Thank you very much! Now I begin to understand! Of course if one is concerned only about producing more swords, won't want to waste too much time inscribing a long and detailed signature, then waste even more time inscribing a date... And yes, the hada is very, very fine on my sword. Hardly visible with the naked eye. Surely it took a lot of time and many foldings to come up like this. Thank you again for this short, concise and very welcomed lesson! Have a nice weekend!
  21. Thank you very much for your message and photo! Yes, I got my sword from Aoi Art, and I recognize the gentleman in the photo from the photos I have seen on Aoi website. I somehow guessed he is the owner/ manager of the shop, but I didn't know what is name was. Now I know! And, yes, I am pretty sure it is a nice sword, and now I know it is not a mass produced sword but a very carefully produced one.
  22. Thank you for your message but I don't know who Tsuruta san is. How can I contact him? Regards, Marius PS: Now I know who Mr. Tsuruta is. Thank you once again!
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