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  1. Hello friends, I ask you for translation help. I bought Katana Yoshimichi. Would you please help me with the translation of Mei ? Thank you very much Jiří Czech Republic
  2. Thank you very much for the willingness and the perfect answer. Have a nice day Jiri
  3. Thank you very much for helping with the translation. Just a question. So what kind of sinking is that ? Thank you and I greet you Jiri
  4. Hi friends, can I ask for help with the translation of Saidan Mei on my sword ? Thank you in advance Jiri
  5. Similar Kabuto sold by Bonhams.
  6. Hello, mei is carved into the iron. Photos distorts slightly. The inside of the helmet is all gold-lacquered. Urushi was removed only at the signature place. Jiri
  7. Thank you for answer, I attach more photos. Have a nice day Jiri
  8. Hello friends, I bought Tengu Kabuto Myochin in Japan. My friend translated my signature: Myochin Ki Yoshisuke. I do not know if translation is correct. I could not find this name at Myochin school. Can you please tell me if the translation is correct or you know about another work by Myochin Ki Yoshusuke. Thank you Jiri
  9. jelda44

    Tachi Kamakura

    Thank you very much for your comprehensive comment. The sword I already bought. I really liked it. A blade of Kamakura I wanted to collections. Especially from Yamashiro. Of course if I liked the sword in the collection of Kuniyoshi or Kunimitsu as you have on offer but it is far beyond my capabilities. Anyway, I am very glad for your opinion . Jirka
  10. Hello friends, This katana "Muramasa" is offered in one auction company for $ 8,000. I do not think that it is the original. What is your opinion on this blade? Jirka
  11. Hello all, if anybody interested, I offer for sale this wakizashi wit Saidan Mei: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wakizashi-Yoshi ... 3ceb1f99b8 I'd leave him for $ 6,000. Cost me so much. In case of questions, of course, write Jirka
  12. jelda44

    Tachi Kamakura

    Many thanks for your comments.
  13. jelda44

    Tachi Kamakura

    We welcome you to friends, considering buying this tachi of the Kamakura Period. http://www.toukenkomachi.com/index_en_t ... 11113.html I would like to ask you about your opinion on this blade. I think that the price is appropriate? Thank you for your opinions Jirka
  14. Greetings friends , I appeal to you for help with translation and Mei Saidanmei the wakizashi that I bought. It should probably be Yoshimasa. More unfortunately, I do not know. Thank you in advance. Jirka
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