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  1. So I apologize for my question and request for help. I just wanted to help with the translation. But when I see the following discussion, I am sincerely sorry that I did However, thanks again to Steve for his help. Arigato Steve Jiri
  2. Greetings friends, could I ask you to translate the Juyo Token of my new Kunitoshi sword ? I don't speak Japanese and I would like to know what is written in the papers. Thank you very much Jiri
  3. Greetings friends, I would like to ask you for help with the translation of Sayagaki. Thank you in advance. Jiri
  4. jelda44

    Mei menpo

    My Tengu yoroi
  5. jelda44

    Mei menpo

    I attach a photo and thank you very much for your help with the translation. Jiri
  6. jelda44

    Mei menpo

    Greetings friends. Can you please help me with the translation of mei on my menpo ? Arigato Jiri
  7. Thank you so much Steve. All the best in the new year Jiri
  8. Hello, of course I know that this is the sword of Matsuba Kunimasa I bought it 5 years ago in Japan. Unfortunately, I just don't know Japanese and I'm interested in what I wrote on Saya. Regards Jiri
  9. Greetings friends, I would like to ask you for help with translating Sayagaki on my sword. Thank you very much in advance for your help Jiri
  10. And I'm also attaching a photo of the blade
  11. Thank you very much for your help. As always a perfect translation.
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