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  1. Sorry but i have tryed to use the kanji pages but without solution, i think that the 3 and 4 kani are TAKA YAMA but nothing for the rest. Thank you before.
  2. The same sword is on sell also on ebay for a "reasonable" price http://www.ebay.com/itm/VERY-RARE-Japanese-SAMURAI-SWORD-Katana-MURAMASA-1st-Hitatsura-w-Sayagaki-/201017336921?pt=Asian_Antiques&hash=item2ecd912459
  3. Ok there are my dubts, i don't know if is an old suriage blade or a gendaito artifcially rusted
  4. I've many dubts about this sword, the mei is surly gimei but i don't think it's a shinshinto blade becaose aren't totaly visible the yasurime. Is it older than shinshinto?
  5. The tsuka wasn't namban but probably beginning of 20th, the fuchi and the kashira was dameged, the blade now is stored in shirasaya, and all work is made by a togi.
  6. I've removed this menuki from an old damaged tsuka, but i have nevere see this menuki
  7. Hello to everyone I'm a new member from Italy , i'm registered to nmb to learn more on nihonto. Regards Stefano
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