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  1. Japanese Ceramics - Natural Glazed from Excavations


    I have read that there are many Natural Glazed items found at the various excavation sites throughout Japan.

    I was curious to see what these early ceramic pieces look like.

    Many can be bought on the internet, and, the cost seem relatively low, but, it's probably because there are so abundant.

    Another reason, might be, that they are not "real" artifacts.. ???

    I have one medium size jar, one that seems to be an ewer, and, 4 Yamachawans, ( Mountain Tea Bowls ).. only 3 are shown.


    Ko Seto 4 Lug m.jpg

    Ko Seto II m.jpg

    Natural Glaze Ewer 1s.jpg

    Yamachawaon 100 m.jpg

    Yamachawan 2 m.jpg

    Yamachawan 3 m.jpg

    Ko Seto Ewer m.jpg

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