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  1. Japanese Ceramics - Flight from Seto Mountain


    Of all the Japanese ceramic pieces I like/buy, I love Seto/Mino .

    I try to read and watch everything about the history and items made, especially the early periods of development.

    There are so many aspects and details, and, to find and gather all the facts to establish what really did happen and how things came to be.

    One is the "MOMOYAMA ' period Tea Bowls that look similar  the Edo period Ao Oribe Tea Bowls. 

    I believe many ceramic enthusiast are fascinated by these "Less than perfect" bowls, and, like Koto Blades, no one seems to know how they were made or came to be what they are/look like. 

    These early bowls have several " factors " that can have their own discussions in it's self.


    One period that  I want to learn more from is "What exactly happen and what changes, or, exchanges ( between the Seto and Mino Potters) took place during that time.

    It is

    " Flight from Seto Mountain " and "Summons to the Kilns "


    " During the Warring States period many potters fled Seto for Mino in order to escape the war, as the term "Seto-yama-risan (Flight from Seto mountain)" suggests, where they received protection under the policies of Oda Nobunaga. Bowls and decorative plates with the distinctive style of Seto ware, Oribe, Shino and Ki-seto have been discovered in the remains of Mino's kilns from this period. 
    Upon entering the Edo period, the potters who had left Seto as part of the "Seto-yama-risan" returned to Seto region once again. The Owari branch of the Tokugawa family summoned the potters back to Seto as part of the so-called "Kamadoya-yobimodoshi (Summons to the kilns)", and the Seto area flourished once more.  "

    I forgot  what book or website I got this Quote from... :(

    Added :  This is the website for that paragraph above :



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