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  1. The information in the CHUO EXPRESS Excavation page was about Jomon Period items. 

    I was hoping I could find more information/websites about any newer excavations that might be the bowls the seller has.


    I don't have enough/any Japanese knowledge on key words or phrases to use for the internet searches for newer Mino Bowl excavations.


    The ending part of the seller's bowl descriptions had this :


    " All four pieces I had TL-tested (Cost about $ 400 per piece) have confirmed an age about 400 yrs =/- 20%.  "


    I think he explained they were random from the batch of bowls he had..


    This is from one of many TL Testing  websites on the internet: 


    Accuracy of TL testing / dating
    Generally speaking, when a sample is drilled and there is no information available about the burial environment, one may expect +/- 25% uncertainty, and this is more than adequate for authentication where the question is whether the piece was fired in antiquity or recently. The latest computer technology supports and completes analysis.


    Link :

    https://artemistestinglab.com/#:~:text=The scientific technique of thermoluminescence (TL) is used,with a faint blue light%2C known as TL. 



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