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  1. SUISEKI - The Art of Stone Appreciation


    I bought this Japanese green stone on e-bay a few years ago, because the green on this rock seems like the  glazes created on Ao Oribe Ceramics.  


    From WIKIPEDIA    ( I am a Wikimedia supporting member :) )


    " Green Oribe (青織部, Ao-Oribe), a ceramic with classical green glaze and underglaze painting. Green is the typical color of Oribe ware, along with white.[15] The original Chinese green was a smooth, even color like celadon.

    Oribe, however, tried to use different shades of more natural green, in order to reflect green mountains or riverside scenes. The surface is painted and decorated with lively surface designs, which may be based on nature, geometric patterns, or a combination of the two. For the brilliant green color, wares are fired using oxidation at 1220 degrees Celsius. "



    Green Stone 1.jpg

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