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  1. Dave, would you know the correct Japanese terminology for this technique please. So I can study it. I guess to some katchu collectors its grotesque ! not the norm. I might just add at the back of the sode between the lacing there seems to be a twisted metal bar which goes across the plate its self. ???? Cheer's, Mark.
  2. John, a couple pics showing the lacquer technique on my sode. Cheer's, Mark.
  3. Yes John, no problems .Will take pics on the weekend. I need to take a couple of pics also for Eric, regarding Indian collectibles of mine. Cheer's, Mark.
  4. Ian, Thank you for a most interesting read. I to bought myself a present of armour this silly season. And I really need the socks :lol: Bought a load of books from around the world. Hope they all arrive soon. All on Katchu. The reason I asked about Tree bark lacquer is my armour is lacquered this way.Even has the tree knots in it. Just add the leaves and you have total camouflage. :lol: or a tree trunk ! Cheer's, Mark.
  5. Eric & Uwe, I was just looking at one of my books, A Japanese armour book. One looks very much like Kaga . I have been always interested in Kaga armour. Many artisans went there to work. I now have my first armour and I was told it was Kaga made.The boars eye is a common trait, located in the corners with Kaga armour on most lacquered plates. Ian's book has a couple there and in my ref : books as well. Not sure about the early Kaga armour having this boars eye fitted as decoration. Maybe you guys might know. Eric & Uwe, have you ever seen a type of lacquer applied on armour that imitates tree bark ( Brown ) Please let me know thanks. Cheer's Mark.
  6. Eric, I like this last pic . Would it be Myochin by any chance.? Cheer's, Mark.
  7. Hi Guy, I am always amazed looking at these Kabuto the amount of work that has gone into making the Hachi.The rivets etc. And its final shape which is developed. Thank you for sharing. Cheer's, Mark.
  8. Hello Guy, what has happed to the Mabisashi ? Can it be fixed . It is a very nice Kabuto indeed. Did you buy it local in Sweden? Cheer's, Mark.
  9. Totally agree with you David. When us Aussie's starting buying mostly on ebay years ago, this is what started it all off here. Australia Post was inundated with parcels coming in, and still are .The government then took an interest and saw a cash cow for them. Anyway like George, I will still pay the duties needed etc. And ask sellers if they will send to OZ. Cheer's, Mark.
  10. Hi George, You will also note on ebay that most U.S. sellers also mention that they will not FUDGE the customs forms. Placing a lower price on it so we Australians don't pay the Antique and import duties. Since the Australian Government brought this in. Australian buyers have become notorious for asking this to be done. And I guess some sellers on ebay in the U.S. are fed up with it. Most other countries have had the duties for many years. The honey moon period is over for us here in Australia. I am waiting till to the Australian Government drop even lower the threshold. I have been told it will happen. Not good for us collectors. Cheer's, Mark.
  11. Hi Kunitaro-san, John & Keith, Thank you for getting back.Yes ,I have removed the oil now and I will let it dry out. I believe Keith, maybe on the money with regards a wax or a totally different application used. This sword recently came from Japan to me here in Australia. The owner may have used another type of oil or application. Which certainly doesnt agree with my clove oil. I think I will start again soon with using 100% alcohol. This should remedy the problem. And then use a ( new bottle ! ) light application of oil again. Cheer's, Mark.
  12. Hello Luc, Thank you for your advise. In most cases I have tried to buy the best on my budget with Japanese antiques. Unfortunately I also look at re-sale these days. Just in case I have to sell it on to a larger audience if commitments change. With Japanese swords and armour I totally agree with you. It is better to save a couple years more, then buy that super sword / or armour you have always wanted. You will not regret I think. Luc, I will keep looking in regards to armour. I can see why some collectors like the older armour.But in my mind the later EDO armour appeals to me also. As long as it is made in the traditional way and a reasonable price.. Cheer's, Mark.
  13. Hello Franco , Thank you for your interest and comments. I will try and take an angle digital photo under light.It has always bothered me it is one of my favorite daggers. thanks again. Mark.
  14. Greetings all, I have a Tanto which I bought about 3 years ago. I wanted to know please if you can see or recognise this ghosting near the tang. ( Picture RIGHT ) Is it a type of Kanji ? Or just marks etc from polishing. I have placed pics to show. Thank you for any help The Tanto blade/dagger is 23.1 cm and is Bizen Osafune ? It has a date of 1585 ( Azuchi Momoyama ) made by Osafune Sukesada ? Many thanks. Cheer's, Mark.
  15. Hello Laurent. Not many sword collectors will buy on Ebay. I believe a sword will sell on its own merits in its own country of origin anyway. Most Japanese sellers in Japan on Ebay, will not allow return of swords. As the import back into Japan, has the usual red tape & paper work. If you the buyer, are not happy and want to return the sword. Its a hard road that you will take. So buy carefully. Paypal buyer protection wont help you ether in most cases. Until the sword is back with the seller. Just ask on the forum and someone will direct you to helpful sword dealers in Japan and USA + other's Cheer's Mark.
  16. Hello Martin, Nice sepper ! IMO leave it alone. I cleaned and polished the same parts on a sword that I had and afterwards it just stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb against all of the other older aged sword furniture & tsuba etc. Now I have to wait to it darkens again. Its up to you really. Cheer's. Mark.
  17. Thank you Kunitaro - san. I have cleaned blade, I will let dry. Not sure on location of Alcohol to buy, will check on Monday the Chemist etc .Thank you again for your help. P.S. I have just added the pics for everyone interested to look at. This is the problem that I had, sorry for the bad photo's. I have learned alot from this thread.Alot of great info thank you. Cheer's, Mark.
  18. Thank you Gents for your reply.My sword is a Wakizashi.I will try cleaning and let dry. If this does not change the problem I will try Alcohol. Curtis, great thread thank you. Cheer's, Mark.
  19. Greetings Kunitaro san, Sorry to jump in gents . May I also ask a question to you please regarding my sword and application of clove oil / Choji I have a sword which I have just bought. I have cleaned it and then powder and then oil again. But for some reason this blade is showing the clove oil as beading like water droplets. My other swords do not have this affect. Have you seen the oil bead like small droplets of water. Kind regards, Mark.
  20. Thank you Dave, Ian & Eric . Again your input is most welcome Thank you for your help and support. I can see now why this forum is so highly rated. I think we all know that Japanese antiques " the real stuff " is a very expensive hobby indeed. I know back in the 1980's the prices in my neck of the woods was just crazy. A set of armour back then was out of reach for me. The Christies auction books with there prices were mind boggling to say the least. Hollywood star,Rock singer I am not. But I think I can with help from others here on the forum 2012-2013. I should be able to achieve my first set of armour. Gents , I have digested all of your valued information and now its up to me to start learning myself. Eric, I have placed your info onto my computer short cut. I have used one seller and found him great. Gents, I have noted also this business about Children's armour past of as a small adult. Is this to do with the EDO boys day or coming of age Can you please advise what is classed as a real adult size dou or armour . I know the average Japanese adult male was around in WW2 was about 5/4-5/6 Many thanks Cheer's, Mark.
  21. Thanks Dave, I placed a realistic offer in last night, Giving the information about repair etc .Unfortunately my offer was rejected on the armour. There was no room to move because of the low price tag. There must be other Japanese dealers in Japan that have a selection.I just don't see them on the net. Is $25,000 USD about the price for a nice quality armour ? And I mean NICE ! There are so many variants with price.And sometimes the older sets of armour are less in price.I get confused. It must come down to quality of manufacture. And how its all put together and condition. Thank you for your offer to help Dave. I will keep saving and then look again. Cheer's, Mark.
  22. Thanks Dave, for the pic and suggestions. So the white parts are a leather thonging and the blue lace is pulled through and looped.Then the white thonging is really holding and taking the slack or the weight of the damaged blue lace. Dave ,if the dou was completely relaced then there would not be any white leather thonging used.Would that be correct. Cheer's, Mark.
  23. Hello Ian, Thank you for taking the time out to explain to me in some detail about this particular armour . I now see what you are saying about the different parts and how they would match each other or not match each other. Looking at the fabric and edging of the piping etc. I did contact the seller about the top of dou, and yes he did say that 1 side of the shoulder area has broken away. I also asked about the armour being relaced and he said it had not been replaced as far as he knows. I still find my gut feeling saying that this armour is much newer than 1800 . But I am not an expert far from it. Ian,I have your book now which is a great read and has also helped me. Thank you again for your help. Cheer's, Mark.
  24. Thanks Dave, for your comments. Maybe the byo ( 3 ) was used to locate a central mandate crest fixture at sometime.I am not sure. I can ask the seller about the re-lacing also. Thank you for picking that up . Cheer's, Mark.
  25. Hi Justin, thank you for your observation & comments. So this maybe a marriaged Armour set. I would think this being a later period armour, any added parts would make this a much cheaper buy and as resale goes, it would be a bad investment in the future. Yes, I have had a number of good dealing's with this seller in the past and I also totally agree with you on the service. Has been fair with postage also. PS any other comments welcomed by others thank you much appreciated. The lacquer is black in colour. Thanks again, Justin. Cheer's, Mark.
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