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  1. Hi, What is your opinion of this teppo? It is for sale at Bukowskis Auktions in Stockholm Sweden. Personally I think the gunstock looks very new. Follow link to the auction. Looking forward to your thoughts. https://www.bukowskis.com/en/lots/1083480-teppo-Japan-dubbelpipig-troligen-meji?from_language=sv
  2. Hi John Thank you for the answer. I will take a look in Haynes. Regards, Guy R.
  3. Hi, I need help with this tsuba Regards, Guy R.
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me if Mr. Shigeo Sugawa is still around? Regards, Guy R.
  5. Hi, Found this at ebay in GB at a really nice price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Japanese-Sword-Tsuba-8-Volume-Book-Set-Toso-Kodogu-Koza-by-Wakayama-1972-/191967904341?hash=item2cb22dc255:g:ILYAAOSwIgNXrkDy Must be something for the Brittish members. Regards, Guy
  6. I have listed some books for sale. They are mostly in very good condition if not otherwise mentioned. All prices are in US Dollar + 4% for Paypal. Buyer pays actual shipping cost from Sweden, preferably by EMS. If you are interested please PM me. TOSO KODOGU KOZA 8 vol. by Wakayama 1972. $ 550. TOSO KODOGU MEIJI TAIKEI by Wakayama 1979. $ 550. The slipcases are slightly stained at the back. Volume # 1. Have some remains of glue from a sticker inside the cover. 3. CHOSHU NO TSUBA. Limited print from Toensha and was not sold in bookstores. The slipcase has a crack at the back. By Dr.Murakami 1973. $ 200. Japanese SWORD FITTINGS & METALWORK IN THE LUNDGREN COLLECTION by Ogasawara Nobuo of the Tokyo National Museum and Kobayashi Terumasa of the Sword Museum. Nobuo of the Tokyo National Museum and Kobayashi Terumasa of the Sword Museum. Small damage to the cover. I have two of this book. $ 55. TOSOGU NO KIGEN by Sasano Masayuki, Nichibo Shuppansha, Tokyo (1979) Limited to 2000 copies, of which this is # 1302. As new. $ 100. NIHON TOKO JITEN. 2 vol. Koto and shinto, by Fujishiro 1990-92. The slipcases are slightly damaged, books are OK. $ 250. Guy R.
  7. Hi Grev, You have done a great job. This is really something that I want. Sending payment right now. regards, Guy
  8. Hi Jan, I think it says Kanazawa ju Kaneko Ujimasa saku. 金沢住金子氏政作 Regards, Guy R.
  9. Hi, I bought a red oak jo in a budo store, altough not even started to make the ramrod. If that is to short you can buy a bo. regards, Guy
  10. Hi Jan, Thank you, yes I think it was a really good price. But I will have to wait untill I have them in hand. regards, Guy R.
  11. Hi, I did win the auction, so here´s a link to the auction site. I don´t have them in my hand yet and their pictures are too big to post on the board. http://www.bukowskis.com/auctions/571/1591-stigbyglar-ett-par-brons-delvis-forsilvrade-Japan-meiji-1868-1912 Regards, Guy R.
  12. Hi Barrie, Here is my daisho tsuba by Tatsunao. Sorry it took so long. regards, Guy R.
  13. Hi Ian, Thank you for that information. I will make some searches and see what comes up. Regards, Guy R.
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